Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Things I would have gotten my father if he were still alive:

1. Bermuda shorts
2. New socks
3. Chocolate cake and icecream - both personal size just for him
4. A new mini boombox that plays audio tapes
5. A new pair of jeans (which he would never wear)
6. Pratical things like denture cleaner, baby oil, a packer of shavers and Lava soap
7. A new wallet with Velcro fastener
8. Gevalia coffee (which he would never drink)
9. A new mug or plastic cup with cheesy slogan or picture on it. (I would probably have gotten it on sale after Father's Day.)
10. Chocolate

1 comment:

Samantha Grace said...

Lava soap. That stuff is ferocious.