Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Very Moxie Christmas

I love Christmas. I love it so much that I spend the day with a Jew. My Jew friend and I have an annual tradition called the "MarilynJean and Jew Friend Holiday Christmas Magical Mystery Tour Extravaganza [Insert Year Here]". Seriously. It is better than spending time with family (all of whom don't talk to me anyways). This involves us rolling out of bed around midday. He comes to my house and then we eat and talk at IHOP. We then argue over a movie to see. This year I knew what movie I wanted to see, but all the show times didn't suit his liking. There were Jew jokes and Jesus jokes all around. We spent an hour looking for an open bar. We went to CVS. We then went to the awesome convenient store by my house and got this awesome beer sampler and began to get wasted. He watched a basketball game while I worked on this. Isn't it the most creepiest magnificent thing you ever saw?*

After some time, we headed to the east side (I know) and drank til our hearts content. I came home and scarfed some disgusting food I bought from the frozen food section at CVS. Gross.

And I wouldn't have Christmas any other way.

*My progress so far. Jew Boy and I did the math. This thing has about 14,400 squares. I've done about 300.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Man/Boy Love and the Boys that joked about a Man loving Boys

In Cincy, Ohio, some high school students and their parents are suing the school district where they attend school over a lengthy suspension that resulted from a Facebook parody.

Three boys created a fake profile of one their teachers on Facebook and referred to him as a member of this organization.

And they are the ones suing?

You accuse someone of endorsing sex between men and boys - a teacher no less - and you're suing someone?

The kids lawyer has some lame arguments based on the fact that the parody should be protected under Amendment 1 and that the profile was created off campus.

Well, that's fine and dandy, but then maybe that teacher should sue those boys for slander?

What the fuck?

Thursday, December 20, 2007


The Original....

...or New School

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mum Men

This little nugget came across my desk today. Apparently we have a problem and that problem is that men don't talk. Talk as in express emotion and communicate. The editor (who I am sure is as gay as he pretends to be heterosexual) of Men's Health magazine offered up these reasons for this terrible phenomenon:

1. Guys Are A Little Intimidated
2. Guys Need To Decompress
3. Guys Are More Comfortable With Actions Than Feelings
4. Guys Don't Want To Be Put On The Spot

1. Intimated by what? When you are at the top of the gender food chain, what can you possibly be intimated by? That you might actually prove how stupid and undeserving of your privilege you really are?

2. Decompress? Men apparently are the only ones who need a little time to themselves when they get home from work. Wow. Usually after dealing with daily incidences of white ignorance, male gazes and other bullshit that results from living in a capitalistic, heterosexist, racist, patriarchal society, I need some solo time, too. Maybe on the crapper, maybe with a glass of wine, maybe with my own large pizza...maybe all three. But, gee. WOW. Thanks, editor guy for pointing this out, since this has nothing to do with personal preference and has everything to do with how your reproductive organs fall inside your pants.

3. You got that fucking right. You can blame every single war and human atrocity in the world's history on men. If even a QUARTER of those conflicts were talked out, shit would be a whole lot different.

4. Thanks for this one. Men don't like a barrage of questions. Who does except for self-centered assholes. Whatever. Again, this is not gender issue, but thanks for making it one.

Maybe it's because I am PMS'ing, or maybe it's because I'm like this all the time. Maybe it's because I had to counsel a woman today after she was raped by some dude. Whatever it is, the LAST thing I want to read about is how men don't talk enough. As far as I'm concerned, men need to shut the fuck up.

The real and ONLY reason men don't talk is because they are bound by the same strict and impossible gender roles that we all fall victim to. It's patriarchy that has made communicating a woman's "thing". And because it is something women are supposedly good at, patriarchy made sure that it was something men should not aspire to. You can list all sorts of bullshit, pop psychology reasons for why men don't communicate with their female partners, but you're wasting your time. If female "traits" weren't seen as weaknesses, then maybe we'd be in a better place. Until you confront the system of patriarchy and refuse to operate by its rules, men will continue to suffer under these antiquated John Wayne stereotypes that equate maleness with silence.

"Black", white, brown: It's all green to Paul

Everyone's favorite presidential reality checker, Ron Paul, received $500 from a white supremacist leader. His name is Don BLACK.

Staying in line with Paul's keepin' it trealz practices, his spokesman had this to say:

"Dr. Paul stands for freedom, peace, prosperity and inalienable rights. If someone with small ideologies happens to contribute money to Ron, thinking he can influence Ron in any way, he's wasted his money. Ron is going to take the money and try to spread the message of freedom....and that's $500 less that this guy has to do whatever it is that he does."

I suggest that Ron uses that $500 to buy doughnuts and coffee for his next town hall meeting with the NAACP, or the National Council of La Raza.

Rock 'n' Roll all night...or at least every three years

First our sports teams actually perform well this year. Now, Cleveland will have the privilege of hosting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies every three years starting in 2009. Sweet.

We built this city.....

Tee Strick asks PUCO to ban shut offs

Moved by the deaths of a Toledo woman and her kids in a fire that started from a candle they were using because their power was shut off, Gov. Strickland submitted a proposal to the Public Utilities Commission to place a moratorium on utility shut offs. The headline reads: "Agency to weigh Strickland's request for winter". Um...what is there to weigh? Anyone with a functioning central nervous system knows that Ohio winters are for bitches. To deprive a household of basic utilities, no matter how defunct its payments, borders on being an accompliance to murder....or even cruel and unusual punishment. We're not talking about cable or internet access for crying out loud.

A spokesman for one energy company claims that bans on shut offs only deepens the deficit on the household's bill. Instead, he argues, the state should help people make the payments so that they get caught up.

Here's a suggestion Mr. Steve Brash of Duke Energy, how about you stop charging high ass prices for a basic necessity. And while you are sitting at home (a big one, I'm sure) cozy with your 72 degree heat, hot water and electricity, think about those families who just can't afford to pay all their fucking bills and had to make a choice between paying the gas bill and getting their kid some medicine. I mean really, the state should be paying for shit like healthcare and sound infrastructures, not paying to line energy company pockets.

I believe the words I am looking for are "try" and "again".

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Trees. Apple. Falling. Not Far.

Two things happened in America today: the U.S. Senate approved a $70 million spending bill, but more importantly, Britney's little sister Jaime Lynn announced that she is preggers.

Knocked up.


She does know her baby daddy.

Unlike her sister, she is having a baby OUT OF WEDLOCK and she is 16.

Surprisingly, her mother was "shocked". AND she wants to raise the baby in Louisiana so that it can have a "normal life".

I can't wait for the neo-con, Christian right to boycott Nickelodeon and Jamie's precious TV show. The blog-o-verse is overflowing with trailer park, barefoot and pregnant, white trash comments as I type this. The opportunity for ridicule is almost unreal.

Reality Check: Saudi Arabia edition

It's been awhile since a good feminist reality check. This one calls out western feminists on keeping mum about Saudi institutionalized sexism. The only thing I don't like about this piece is the comparison between racism and sexism. (It reminds me of feminist rhetoric that results in arguments that make it seem like all Blacks are men and all women are white. Hate that, but otherwise great points.)

Someone hasn't gotten laid in awhile and it's not me this time

So this guy wants to sue NYC nightclubs on the grounds of discrimination. Why? Because he says ladies' nights are unconstitutional. Are you fucking serious, Mr. Roy Den Hollander?



One lawyer tried to professionally and delicately explain that ladies' nights are designed to pack as much pussy into one place so that men will want to come to their clubs. In fact, women should be suing nightclubs for setting them up to be subject to all the asshole guys they meet on said ladies' nights. One could probably argue that Mr. Den Hollander hasn't got laid in a while or else the cheap bastard wouldn't be complaining about paying cover for club admission. Further, if Mr. Hollander were aware of the preposterous wage gap between men and women, he would understand our need for reduced and free admission and drink specials.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Who are these people, really?

I guess I should send the King of Saudi Arabia some fucking cookies or something since he pardoned the famous rape victim who was sentenced to 200 lashes for being in a car with a non-related male.

What I didn't know about this case was that her male associate was also raped when the attack happened. The status his sentence was not revealed in the news stories.

Black Bolivian King

This story about a lost Senegalese King who is a descendant of slaves in Bolivia made me a little misty eyed. Coolest thing: his people grow coca, but have no idea what cocaine is.

It's a Monday: "LIE"berman edition

Joe "Traitor Face" Lieberman has decided to endorse John "Just Quit While You're Ahead" McCain in the 2008 Election. The following words (in no particular order) came to my mind upon reading the headline.

savior killer
asshole fuck face
elephant-fucking monkey
cock worshipper

Funny how the first three letters in his name spell "Lie", and McCain rhymes with "pain".

Friday, December 14, 2007

For love or money

Can't say I haven't thought about it myself.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sharks take bite out of mortgage crisis

Asking Countrywide to save homes from foreclosure is like asking your rapist to pay for your abortion after he gets you pregnant.

Nevertheless, congrats ESOP on getting predatory lenders to take responsibility in this foreclosure clusterfuck.

Maybe Australia isn't a worthless piece of land mass after all

The only good thing Australia has ever given the world are attractive people such as him, her, her and him. Now, Aussieland is further proving it's worth by proposing carbon taxes for people who procreate. Yes: if you have a baby, you have to pay for the eco-stamp it will leave on the world for the duration of the child's life.

Neato plus plus to this? You get tax credits if you use birth control.

Forgotten Hits - Hey Jealousy Edition

And who could forgot these boys? Good, Indeed.

Here's another reason why John Edwards is not going to be America's Next Top President

He apparently thinks we're all idiots and that the internet really doesn't help relay information like this from STATE TO STATE, YOU ASSHOLE.

For Cleveland Smokers

Because MarilynJean is not without balance and compromise, I say that every non-smoker gets one smoker a pair of these this holiday season and continue enjoying the statewide smoking ban.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sterlization of poor women and men not a bad idea after all

So the Pee Dee is doing this special coverage about saving Cleveland neighborhoods and it features Mt. Pleasant, which looks a lot like a war zone. To be expected mostly every white person in NE Ohio thinks that if the Blacks would just let go of slavery, everything would be OK.

Today's story looks at single mothers and it just depresses me. Depresses the shit out of me. I don't want to say stop having sex, but really, this is one of those times where sterilization of poor Black women doesn't look like a bad idea.

Really: what is the recurring theme in female-headed households and poverty: SINGLE PARENTS. CHILDREN. ABSENTEE FATHERS. NOT BEING ABLE TO SUSTAIN FAMILY.

Seriously. No seriously. USE CONDOMS. TAKE THE PILL. ABSTAIN. Cut it out. The affliction of poverty would not be so severe if people would have sex responsibly. I certainly don't believe that safe sex is the burden of the woman, but if she's going to be stuck with the child and the asshole father is in prison or fucking someone else, then by all means enact the No Glove, No Love rule.

Seriously. STOP HAVING SEX AND GETTING PREGNANT. IT IS NOT OK. IT IS NOT OK. How many ways do people have to say it??? I mean, reading this feature makes me want to throw up. The root of your problems, girl-whose-name-i-can't-pronounce-because-it-is-that-ghetto, is that you have more than one child that you can't support financially. I am super sure that you are a great mom and work really hard, but if you just reason for a moment and realize how not having sex, or simply using birth control would open up so many more doors for you.

And BC is accessible. Outside of rape, not having sex is even more accesible. Hell, it's free. You should see how much money I save not fucking. But really, no seriously, stop having babies. I can tell you which Planned Parenthood clinics will serve you at no cost. Provide you with pap smears and birth control for free. Condoms cost less than your Baby Phat jacket, or your weave. Trust me, it is possible and accessible.

Oh my God. Stop having sex. Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it.

It's Patriarchy Tuesday! - Iraqi edition

So Iraqi authorities have told their policewomen to surrender their weapons so that men can use them. After the U.S. did something right for a change and recruited female police officers, the number of women in the police force surged. Now that the U.S. has given authority over police bacl to Iraq, that number has gone down.


And you won't find female police officers on the street because they're all in the precincts doing office work.

This would be one of thew few, RARE times when I say: bomb them all to hell. I mean WHAT THE FUCK? W to the T to the F to the ? If they're not raping women in the streets, they're attacking them because their hair isn't covered. They don't want them to work. They can be seen in the company of a non-male relative for risk of being stoned to death and now female police can't even be armed.

And they wonder why people frown upon their country and their culture. Why, we Western Infidels, don't fucking get it. I want to respect other cultures and not force my western ideals and beliefs down their throats, but there comes a time (like NOW) that I want to say fuck you, Iraq, and your wardsbackass way of the valuing the role women play in society.

Evacuate all the women and then bomb the whole goddamn country. I've had it.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Blacks and the subprime crisis

The Economic Rape of Cleveland

Washington Informer, Commentary, Harry C. Alford, Posted: Dec 08, 2007

Mr. Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

The subprime mortgage fiasco is hitting all geographical areas of this nation. This game broke all of the rules. It exaggerated housing appraisals to boost lending amounts. It eased credit rules to allow people who did not qualify for mortgages to get them anyway and pay the consequences later. Hedge fund investors fell into the same trick that made Enron famous. They fronted asset investments that were really poorly collateralized loans that would soon default and leave the investors holding the “bag.” Middle men brokers and package dealers ran these schemes for quick fees and cash. In the end, the investors and new mortgage owners would take the big hit.

The fall of Stan O’Neal, the Black CEO of Merrill Lynch, is probably the most famous instance of the Subprime Mortgage failure. Merril Lynch is $8 billion less in value because of its hedge fund activity in these subprime mortgages. Stan had to fall on his “sword." There were many others and some of the most prominent names on Wall St. have been adversely affected by this scandal. This in the end, will affect all of us. Available funds are going to dry up for a while as Wall St. must bite the bullet in paying off these losses. Pension funds will produce less; industry investment will shrink and thus lessen the amount of available jobs; legitimate mortgage transactions will decrease and interest rates will rise. Neighborhoods will become blighted, especially black neighborhoods. That old folks saying “When they catch a cold, we get pneumonia." It is still true.

Let’s look at a typical Chocolate City in regards to this matter. Cleveland, Ohio seems to be a perfect example. It’s a hardworking town with a strong history of bneighborhoods producing some of the greatest American citizens. A black middle class was formed decades ago and is indeed an institution in this population center. Maybe this is why the subprime hustlers targeted Cleveland. It had plenty of established black property owners who could be exploited while the activity remained under the “radar” for a while.

Subprime mortgages have had the greatest activity in large black populations and the state of Ohio leads the nation in this activity with Cleveland leading that state. As a result of the subsequent ballooning mortgage payments and hidden fees that lenders could not possibly afford coming due, foreclosures in Ohio – particularly greater Cleveland have led the nation. In 2006 alone these subprime hustlers or “flippers” caused over 13,500 foreclosures in Cuyahoga County (7000 in Cleveland alone). One out of every 27 houses in Cleveland is now vacant due to foreclosure. When a house becomes vacant it will soon become a “crack house” or temporary squatting venues for homeless and crime operatives.

For those of you who didn’t sucker for the subprime mortgages, you are not immune. This will affect your home value and neighborhood safety as well. Every time a home forecloses, all homes in that neighborhood will each lose an average of $7,000 in property value. The more foreclosures; the greater loss you have in your assets and equity. This coupled with the arrival of drug dealers and thugs will send your lovely neighborhood into an abyss. Like to walk your dog at night? That will soon be over and walking pooch during the day will be over also. Time to sell it and get away? Your home value is heading south with a bullet and you can’t sell it to anyone. You are trapped. You and your lovely neighbors are financially ruined.

There is one particular zip code in Cleveland that has over 1,000 present foreclosures. The neighborhoods in this part of Cleveland have become slums overnight and the blacks living there didn’t see it coming. It was fast and there appears nothing they can do. This city has been violated in every economic sense of the term. Their virtue has been quite lessened and the repair is not even imaginable. The elected officials, community leaders, chambers of commerce, etc. are lost in trying to find a solution to this devastation. All they can do now is stop the hustlers so that the present state can be termed the “bottom." But even doing this doesn’t mean that “which way is up” can be visualized anytime soon.

Yes, the lovely city of Cleveland has been ripped off. There are other cities, counties and rural communities around the nation facing the same crisis. Greed and hustle coupled with bad policy and weak laws have hurt us miserably. Our children will pay the price and all we can do is start over once again. It hurts. t hurts real bad and will have a very long-term effect. Cleveland was raped. She was not alone. Lord, help us please!

The Creature Returns

Remember Kitty? Well, he's back and apparently his name is Max. Mas is an asshole. He was too much for his foster dad and now he is back at Ground Zero and in need of a home. He's quite the little bastard.

As you can see from these pics, he's just ripe for a kitty-less home.

Like the Chia Pet, Max makes a great xmas/hannukah/kwanzaa/festivus/eid-al-adah/boxing day gift.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Senator goes without own health insurance to prove a point

Sherrod Brown is still proving that my vote was worth it. Can I get a hells yes for keeping it real and walking a mile?

Recently Watched - Irreversible

Mentally, I'm in a better space to even mention this film. It's strange and raw. I can't recommend it, nor not recommend it, that is how fucked up it was.

Just Ordered

It's a tee shirt. Threadless Tees, which ex-friend Tim put me on to, rocks. This little puppy is on it's way to my house this month. Merry Christmas, Marilyn! From, Marilyn.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's a Tuesday, so it must be time for more patriarchal bullshit

"Leaders of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission were ready yesterday to tell skeptical lawmakers that guaranteeing women 12 weeks of maternity leave would ensure gender equality without hurting the economy.

They never got the chance.

Without a word from members of the civil-rights panel, a group of lawmakers yesterday shot down a proposal to grant Ohio women 12 weeks of paid or unpaid leave for pregnancy."

Yeah, wow. Hey all you preggers with a job: go fuck yourselves, because we care more about small business owners than we do women, their health or their families. And before you say it: this is not a political issue, we just feel it could use more "documentation" for the law to bode well with employers.

"The joint committee's six Republicans all voted against the policy, while three of the four Democrats joined them."

"Although Republican- leaning business groups had led the opposition to the policy, McGregor and Niehaus said their votes were based on the lack of data, not political considerations."

No...not political at all.

Go Joe!

Joey might be running for Denny's seat. Sweet. Call me when it's time to volunteer at campaign HQ.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Lil bit of feminist perspective from a MAN

Jewelry ads are stereotypical to both men and women and need to nixed. See how patriarchy hurts us all?

A bread roll and a paper ballot

Minus the free food and patriotic music at the polls, voting sentiments and patterns in Russia seem eerily familiar to another place I've heard of...

A different sort of philanthropist....

In Chile's equivalent to the Jerry Lewis Telethon, a Chilean prostitute, Mistress Maria Carolina, auctioned off 27 hours of sex to help kids with disabilities. Apparently there is room for argument on whether the charity violates ethics in taking her money. It is noted that prostitution is legal in Chile, so I'm guessing she can write this off on her taxes?

You may be wondering what Ms. Jean thinks of all this, and of course, I say take the damn money. Organizations have taken dirtier money from corporations and governments and we all know that they are whores to the devil.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Patriarchy is on a roll today.

A man in Tanzania beat his wife because she took a HIV test. In a country where people are straight dying left and right from AIDS, he beats her for taking control of her health. At least she is out of the hospital now and the police are looking for him. Yeah, tell him, I'm lookin fo 'em, too.

Video of the Week

Can't win for losing

Color Me Exasperated. It's practically a Monday in my blog world because here comes more bad news for women in politics. An unpublished study done in India (of all places) shows that even if conditions in a community are better under the leadership of a woman, people (men and women and everyone in between) still aren't happy with her. Regardless of the fact that living conditions are better for everyone in question, they still think she sucks.

That's 1,003,749,976,973,495,743 points for Patriarchy and 0 points for Women.

Reaffirms my belief that humans are total assholes

I don't which is worse: stealing toys being saved to give out to poor children, or stealing $200,000 from a youth runaway shelter. I mean, seriously people. Seriously.

Now, if I were the development officer of either of those organizations, I would be having a field day with appeal letter writing.

I swear I'm the same person I was yesterday, but...

...but Satan Michelle Malkin's post about that English teacher in the Sudan is fucking HILARIOUS. HILARIOUS.

....and I'm a little disappointed in Hugo. For all his anti-Bush talk, he's pulling a Dubya by vowing to ignore the voice of the people and expand his powers.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Heterosexism in economic development

Just because you settled for someone, got married to them and spawned their offspring, doesn't mean cities have to cater to you. However, according to this, they should.

Reason #3,002 why Carson Daly is a tool

He clearly doesn't support unions. He might as well shop at the W-Mart.

Take a walk, bitches

City of Cleveland says peace out to JP Morgan Chase as it removes over $420 million dollars worth of payroll accounts over to Huntington Bank. Why? Cuz JP couldn't prove its commitment to diversity and the community.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sugar Mommies

Here's one for you: old white women are becoming the latest sex tourists in Kenya. And officials there seem to be having a huge issue with it. Yes, they have a problem with rich, white women coming and paying for companionship and a little sex from hot, Mandingo type Kenyan men half their age. But, they don't seem to have a problem with all those white male sex tourists who pay to have sex with underage girls.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

They want a better peso

Cuban women are making some noise about the country's dual currency system, which promotes inequality. Come se dice "I dat's right" in Spanish? Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Dr. Douchebag

This guy is Tool of the Year. Who goes on Larry King Live only to walk off out of "respect to the West family"? How about out of respect to the West family you admit you're a shitty doctor who capitalizes on women's insecurities about their appearance and surrender your medical license?

I don't even like Kanye all like that, but you gotta feel for him. This whole mess also reminds us about the increasing number of Black women getting plastic surgery and why the whole cosmetic surgery industry needs to be reality checked.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

White People Rule #27

You don't get "it", and you never will.
(Amendment to said rule: Ever. Period.)

(warning rambling rant below)

I guess I'm more irked than anything. I've been reading Feministe lately and there is something about it that kept annoying me. Then it occured to me that most things feminist annoy the shit out of me. Mostly because it involves middle and upper class white women who think they get "it". "It" being things poor and/or not white, the experience of said all things poor and/or not white, the perspectives of said all things poor and/or not white, the cultures, beliefs, or values, of said all things poor and/or not white, etc. Hell, I'm working class by heritage and a nigger in America and Puerto Rico and I don't get it half the time. And I don't try. But liberal white women try to.

FYI: I don't care how many books you read about the subject, or ACLU documentaries you rent, or brown countries you visit, you will never, ever, ever, ever, everevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevervevereverevereverevereverveverevereverevervveverevereverevereverevereverever get "it."


And yet, all day I have white women calling themselves things like "feminist" and "enlightened" telling me how bad and pervasive racism and white men are. Really? It is? They are? You could've fooled me. THANK HEAVENS that I have you educated white women to tell me how fucked up it is. I wonder how many of the poor women, poor women of color, illiterate women and [insert anything else that would block access or use of a computer and internet here] women who read your blog agree with you.

Christ. (Yeah, and that's another thing: since when did feminism mean you couldn't love you some Jesus? Jesus is the biggest feminist I know.)

I blog, observationally, for the sake of keeping up with all events current and making fun of shit when necessary. And secondly, I do it to call out white, liberal feminists. There are few who fucking get "it" and lemme tell you how much this woman doesn't fucking get it (I will not pass judgement on her Flickr photos, which features a bunch guessed it: white people. Oh wait. I just did. I also will not link to her wish list on Wait....dammit! I just did. In the second paragraph). This skinny, educated white woman loves to talk about how much race sucks. I read this post by her and I just about had it. I'm just done with this site. I don't know about the people who leave comments, but I know a shitload of them are other educated white women who think they get "it". And men. So then these conversations occur between white people about...WoC/PoC" (could you pick a more annoying abbreviation for Women of Color and People of Color? It sounds like a slur. YOU OWE US THE COURTESY OF SPELLING THAT GENERIC ASS, SOCIAL WORKER-DERIVED LABEL OUT. WRITE IT OUT. IT'S THE LEAST YOU CAN DO, SINCE REPARATIONS ARE LOOKING LIKE A SHOT IN THE DARK).

Color me frustrated. (the crayon is Black)

The one thing (among the many) that I absolutely hate about (self-described) white liberal educated folk is their absolute cluelessness to their own fucked up color and/or class privilege. And no, reading bell hooks ain't enough acknowledgment.

Liberals wonder why their constant arguments using over-your-head-logic citing dead, white people, lesbians and study after study don't jive with "middle america" and the people in projects, trailer parks and living in cardboard boxes on the street. You wonder why people avoid calling themselves "feminists" even when they agree with the basic tenents of female equality. Sometimes, some white women get it. Like this one. This lady does most of the time. So does she.

But it just doesn't fail that when I encounter these circles of feminists, they are unfailingly white, educated (at private schools no less), have parents who were educated, associate with mostly other white people, recycle and don't understand why Wal-mart - as evil as it is - might be appealing to some people.

Newsflash feminists: white women are evil. Who do you think procreated with evil white men to have evil white babies who grew up to be evil white adults? White women attended public lynichings, too. White mistress beat slaves. White women run sweatshops. White women are racists. White women are evil. It's OK. So are women of color. We can be evil, too. But you, by your sheer whiteness, are more evil.

- No, we're not in this together. Remember?
- Stop trying to relate. My poor customer service experience (read: Me being followed around in the store by mall security) is not the same as you having to wait in line for your coffee. If that is your biggest discrimination of the day....
- No, you don't know how it feels.
- No, our oppressions aren't the same.
- Oh, and if you're straight, don't call your baby daddy your partner. Can The Gays have anything to themselves?
- And one more thing: I eat meat. Go fuck yourself. And I throw out recycling. Go hug a goddamn tree.

I'm sure this post has somehow annoyed or offended you. I guess it's time to go to your locally owned coffee shop wait in line an extra 20 seconds and order yourself a grande skim chai tea latte no foam and read your latest copy of the irrelevant, outdated Ms. mag to to calm yourself down.

Maybe I should take a copy of this study along with a recent copy of my HIV test to the bar

Well, lookie loo: Feminists are better mates. At least according to this study. Psychologists examined two age sets of people, asked them rate their level of feminist identity, asked them about their sexual orientation and dating pratices. The survey asked respondents to rate their relationships and the results revealed that archaic stereotypes about hairy-legged, man-hating lesbian feminists dying slow, lonely deaths was becoming outdated. In fact femmes are great mates and...dare I say it? Good fucks.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Chick art

Last Friday, this chick invited me to this art opening at this gallery/winery place that she said a lot of chicks who believe in chick rights would be attending. The show featured chick art made by a chick who likes chicks. This chick's art is mostly about chicks and how dudes oppress chicks. I bought this sweet piece here which features a chick. With her boobies showing. Sweet.

Just Watched: Black Book

I saw the preview for this movie while watching this movie on DVD. I liked it. It's foreign. It has enough action and suspense for people who like it; it has that spy movie feel, some frontal nudity for the people who like that stuff, and a plot that is slightly unpredictable. It made me think of this movie, which actually made me cry. Hard.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Speaking of Ho's...

Apparently mall Santas in Aussie have been advised not to say "Ho, ho, ho" as it can be deemed offensive to women. Progress? Maybe not.

Red Light Specials

So...haaaaaaaaaa. My favorite part is the last paragraph, to which I say: I know dat's right. My question to authorities who created the red light district is: What do you think is going to happen during the meeting? Duh.

Uganda sets up red-light district
Prostitution is illegal in Uganda
Special zones to control the activities of commercial sex workers are being set up in Uganda's capital ahead of the Commonwealth leaders' meeting.

Kampala's mayor told a Ugandan paper it was being done to avoid embarrassing dignitaries attending the international conference which starts next weekend.

Prostitution is illegal in Uganda, but sex workers operate freely in Kampala, especially in the city centre.

Prostitutes have confirmed they have been asked to move to suburb areas.

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (Chogm) is being held from 18 November to 25 November in Kampala.

Dignitaries will include the head of The Commonwealth, UK Queen Elizabeth II, and her son Prince Charles.

English lessons
Commenting on Mayor Ntege Sebaggala's plan, Local Authorities Minister Kahinda Otafiire said the relocation will be temporary.

"Much as they are doing their business illegally, the government will provide them with other operational areas during Chogm," he told Uganda's Monitor newspaper.
A prostitute in the Katwe area of the city confirmed that she and her co-workers have been told to leave the city centre streets.

"It [Chogm] has disorganised us so much because... we are being told to go other places and to bars. And some of us don't like bars, so that's the only problem we have there," she told the BBC.

The BBC's Sarah Grainger in Kampala says commercial sex workers, who usually pick up business outside the Speke Hotel and in the roads around the Crested Crane building in the centre of the city, are being asked to move to other areas like the lively suburbs of Kabalagala and Ntinda.

According to residents in central Kampala, the number of sex workers usually seen along the main city streets has drastically reduced this week.

Kampala's population is expected to swell temporarily as 53 heads of state and around 5,000 delegates descend on the city for the summit.

Prostitutes in the city say they been preparing for an influx of foreign clients.
One told the BBC they had been taking English lessons and have put up their prices for a full night from around $60 (£30) to $100 (£50).

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Um...I'll tell you what I don't want

And it's this video and new single.

What the fuck were they, or their "handlers" thinking? I can't get past the horrible composition to care what the lyrics are saying. Further, they are in some room and then they're half-naked in the room singing around each other? Since when did a comeback warrant this?

I was expecting a spice up your life type of hit single. This is the sort of song that got them knocked into obscurity in the first place. Color me: disappointed and disturbed.


I have no idea what the hell these women are saying, but I get their point. Arab grrl rappers who rock the mic check one with messages about women's equality. How do you say "I know dats right" in Arabic?

If you feel like reading a bunch of numbers

Brookings released two interesting studies. One shows us that racial disparities do affect economic mobility, while the other says that gender effect on economic mobility might not be an issue.

So...what does this mean for Black women?

It never gets old

Abusing women during times of war. This time in Basra, Iraq. No, more than abuse. We're talking about murdering them in front of their babies because they wore make up, or *gasp* have a fucking job outside the home.

No matter how many times I hear about this and try, try, try to not internalize it, make judgements about certain cultures, or just go ballistic on some guy walking down the street. Still gets me all fired up that women (and their kids) suffer the most when men can't get their shit together.

Take that half full glass and shove it.

More proof that optimists are idiots.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Discovering and Rediscovering

Cansei de Ser Sexy - Their hot little Brasilian CD is on the way to my house as we speak.

Madonna - GHV2
Have you had your dose of Madonna today?

Bridge Bush Battle

What the hell is bridge, anyway? Apparently it's its own little world. A sport if you will. And the bridge world is experiencing some drama. This woman in the above photo held up this sign that said, "We did not vote for Bush." Haaaalarious, no? But some folks aren't too happy.

Many of those offended by the sign do not consider the expressions of regret sufficient. “I think an apology is kind of specious,” said Jim Kirkham, who has played in several bridge championships. “It’s not that I don’t forgive them, but I still think they should be punished.”

Oh and there's more. Everything from sanctions to lost funding is at stake. Lawyers are involved. Proposaed punishments include: "a one-year suspension from federation events, including the World Bridge Olympiad next year in Beijing; a one-year probation after that suspension; 200 hours of community service “that furthers the interests of organized bridge”; and an apology drafted by the federation’s lawyer." And the French team at the tournament in question had this to say:

“By trying to address these issues in a nonviolent, nonthreatening and lighthearted manner,” the French team wrote in by e-mail to the federation’s board and others, “you were doing only what women of the world have always tried to do when opposing the folly of men who have lost their perspective of reality.”

And one woman fears a more personal loss:

“I earn my living from bridge, and a substantial part of that from being hired to compete in high-level competitions,” Debbie Rosenberg, a team member, said. “So being barred would directly affect much of my ability to earn a living.”

Or, you could get a real job, Debbie.

Isn't this like a "Waiting for Guffman"/"Best in Show"/"A Mighty Wind" waiting to happen?

Groups call Dann's e-mail offensive

I mean....if this isn't an example of cutting games, I don't know what is.

Ohio Republican Party, Ohio Christian Alliance calling on attorney general to apologize for remark.
By Laura A. Bischoff
Staff Writer

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
COLUMBUS — The Ohio Republican Party and Ohio Christian Alliance are calling on Attorney General
Marc Dann to publicly apologize for an insensitive e-mail he sent to a staff member on Good Friday.

A story in Sunday's Dayton Daily News revealed that on April 6, Dann e-mailed Communications Director Leo Jennings III about an editorial that ran in their hometown newspaper, The (Youngstown) Vindicator. "Bentley said there are six nasty posts after the Vindy editorial. All about you," the e-mail stated. "Jesus had it better on good friday."

GOP Deputy Chairman Kevin De-Wine said, "His remark comparing a bad press day to the crucifixion of Christ is outrageous and inappropriate from anyone, much less an elected official ...If comedians and talk show hosts can be fired and publicly scorned for a single racist remark, Marc Dann should be held no less accountable."

Chris Long, president of the Ohio Christian Alliance, also asked Dann to apologize, calling the remark appalling, bigoted and insensitive. When asked how Dann would respond, Jennings said: "I don't have anything to say about it right now."

DeWine called on Gov. Ted Strickland, an ordained Methodist minister, to join him in calling on Dann for a public apology. Strickland spokesman Keith Dailey said the governor is too busy on issues such as health care and affordable energy.

"The governor is focused on moving the state forward. The governor doesn't have any time for Kevin DeWine," Dailey said.

The e-mail was found among 4,300 e-mails recently released through a public records request the Daily News made in June.

Contact this reporter at (614) 224-1624 or

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kara Walker - Cool Black lady girl person

Kara Walker totally snuck pass my radar. She's cool. Check out some of her stuff.

If monkeys won't put up with this shit...

Coolish study about how monkeys reacted to unequal treatment. The lesson: negative reactions to unequal treatment is evolutionary. In other words, it's practically human to detest being treated like shit. The scientists of the study say that the results demonstrate that in order for a cooperative society- like the "civilization" we live in - to work, equality is key. If it is absent, madness could ensue.

Yes...madness, indeed.

I don't even know who Cy is

Suck it, Beckett. Suck. It.

11/15/07: And Eric "Da Man" Wedge gets AL Manager of the Year. Take a walk, bitches.

Remembering Papa Moxie

"Mary, do you know the number to 9-1-1?
"Yeah, Papi, it's 9-1-1."
"OK, just makin' sure you know."

"I don't know why you use so much damn toilet paper."
"I don't think I do, Dad."
"You know, back in Puerto Rico, we didn't have toilet paper."
"No way."
"Yeah. We had to use banana leaves."

"Dad, why do you hate him so much? He's a good guy."
"Because I don't like the sonofabeetch dat's why, Mary."
"You don't want me dating him? Mom told me. So, when can I date, then? No better question: when do you start dating?"
"When I was 21. No...36."

"Papi, did you enjoy the graduation ceremony? I didn't see you back in the auditorium."
"Si, yeah, Mary, it was fine.
"Mom said you left early and waited in the car.
"Well, yeah. It was too long."

"Hey Papi. How are things?"
"Good baby. Your mother tell me you're OK up there. Where are you again?"
"Michigan. I go to school in Michigan."
"Yeah, I know. So, did you bring that tool set I told you to pack?"
"Um, yeah..."

"I don't see how you tired, Mary. What do you do all day at work?"
"I write grants."
"You sit on your ass all day at a desk. That's not a real job. When are you getting a real job?"

"So, how are things?"
"Mom tells me you're not doing so good."
"Yeah, they're fine. I have cancer."
"Those damn doctors told me I don't have too long."
"I'm sure things will be fine."
"Yeah. Well, I gotta go. There's a game on."

"Yeah, Dad."
"I want a bacon sandwich."
"Dad, they don't have that here right now. It's like 7 o'clock at night. Maybe you can have it for breakfast tomorrow. Mom said she would bring you some when she visits."
"I want a bacon sandwich."
"How about something else?"
"I hate this place, how come they no have bacon sandwiches?"
"Sorry, Dad."
"Ugh. Get outta my room."

"I love you, Papi. You know that right?"
"Uh huh."
"I know we don't talk and stuff, but I just wanted to let you know that. OK?"
"Yeah. I know. Can you get me another sweatshirt?"

"Your father loved you. You know that. Of all the children, you're the only one he talks about. He always asked about you when you were in college. Even though he thought you went to school in Pennsylvania. When the doctor told him that he had cancer, your father told him that he was worried about leaving you and me behind. He cried; he would never want you to know that, but he did. He asked every day if you were coming over to the house to see him...I know he didn't talk much or respond, but he asked about you every day. He did. He was such a bastard sometimes. I miss him so much."
"Yeah, he was a jerk. I miss him, too."

If you want Quaint Quotables, look no further than this guy...

...Hugo Chavez. He's pure genius. Some golden nuggets shared on BBC Online:

Earlier this year, Mr Chavez called on the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jose Miguel Insulza, to resign after he condemned the Venezuelan government's decision not to renew a private TV station's licence.

"Dr Insulza is quite an idiot, a true idiot. The insipid Dr Insulza should resign from the secretariat of the OAS for daring to play that role."

Mr Chavez has verbally blasted his neighbours on a number of occasions. In 2005, he described his then Mexican counterpart, Vicente Fox, as a puppy dog for United States imperialism. Mr Chavez said Mr Fox had, as he put it, been left bleeding by a recent Summit of the Americas.

"It makes one sad to see the sell-out of President Fox, really it makes one sad. How sad that the president of a people like the Mexicans lets himself become the puppy dog of the empire. "


"Go straight to hell, Mr Blair."


And who can forget, this one:

"The Devil is right at home. The Devil, the Devil himself, is right in the house.
And the Devil came here yesterday. Yesterday the Devil came here. Right here. [crosses himself] And it smells of sulphur still today. Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, from this rostrum, the president of the United States, the gentleman to whom I refer as the Devil, came here, talking as if he owned the world. Truly. As the owner of the world."

Monday, November 12, 2007

Things you text at 4am on a Saturday night

Incoming text message to MOXIE LADY from GAY IRISHMAN:

Outgoing text message from MOXIE LADY to GAY IRISHMAN:
Like the ship and mutiny, or the movie based on it?

Incoming text message to MOXIE LADY from GAY IRISHMAN:
It's a gay call to arms for a mutiny!

Outgoing text message from MOXIE LADY to GAY IRISHMAN:
What does one wear to a gay mutiny?

Incoming text message to MOXIE LADY from GAY IRISHMAN:

Thursday, November 8, 2007

To be filed under WTF

Um. Maybe it's all the gays and feminists in your state that are causing the drought. So if that is the case, then yeah, state sanctioned prayer is a good idea.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

If sparklemotion had a sound....

Michael Jackson would sing it.
Love him. New album and Ebony mag cover coming soon.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I think I just vomited in my mouth a little

Fall in Love for a Good Cause
New York Times
Published: November 4, 2007

ON the spectrum of aspiring Cupids, Pari Livermore ought to be categorized somewhere between the hundreds of professional matchmakers and the millions of meddling grannies, bubbies, nanas and nonnas.

Ms. Livermore — a motherly bowl-cut blonde who is married to Putnam Livermore, an attorney and one of the founders of the Trust for Public Land — has facilitated the affaire de coeur for a number of high-profile singles: a hedge fund executive, a beauty pageant winner, a neurologist, even a princess. There are matchmakers who charge thousands of dollars for this sort of thing. Ms. Livermore, on the other hand, attempts to kindle sparks free of charge.

Well, sort of.

She said she does not personally profit by arranging set-ups for San Francisco lonely hearts. Rather she asks those who seek her assistance to donate money or time to one of a dozen or so charities. In the last 19 years her introductions and singles parties have resulted in more than 200 marriages and raised about $3 million for nonprofit organizations including the American Cancer Society, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the American Heart Association.

“If I think I can help them,” Ms. Livermore said, “I make them help in some charitable way.”
She does not advertise her services, which generally attract singles 30 to 60. A majority are friends and family of couples she has united. The rest are fetching women she spots around town, be it in Whole Foods or at the gynecologist’s office.

“I met her in the salon that I work at,” said Laurel Emminger, a hairstylist who met her fiancée, Richard Katz, through Ms. Livermore. “She was getting her nails done. She overheard me saying: ‘Oh I just broke up with some boyfriend. I’m single again, how do I meet somebody?’ She said, ‘Excuse me, I’m having a party in three days.’”

Ms. Livermore raises money in multiple ways. About 60 male clients are designated as patrons, meaning that they usually donate up to $10,000 a year (though it can be much more or less) directly to a charity.

“She kind of sizes you up for what you can afford and extracts it from you,” said Mr. Katz, a lawyer and onetime patron.

Ms. Livermore then arranges dates for them and invites them to parties. “If they don’t like what I do for them, I will often refund their money, which a matchmaker will not do,” she said. “That’s maybe only happened two or three times.”

Additionally, she finds about 100 women who, instead of donating large sums, volunteer to be on a committee for Ms. Livermore’s Red & White Ball, a singles charity event held every other year in San Francisco that attracts up to 1,000 attendees. Other singles contribute by buying tickets to the ball and other parties. Then there are the parents who surreptitiously make a charitable donation with the hope that Ms. Livermore will find their children a match. (Ms. Livermore said these conversations usually begin: “Couldn’t you please call Robert up and say you’ve heard of him? I don’t like the women he’s choosing.”)

Friends of Ms. Livermore attribute her success to the time she takes getting to know people, her refusal to judge them for the things they want in a mate and the X-factor: her intuition.
When Irina Gerhard met Ms. Livermore, she found her to be startlingly upfront, asking about her interests, her goals, her job, even her weight. “She’s asking a lot of questions that some women wouldn’t appreciate,” Ms. Gerhard said. “But you know what? That gets her a database.”

Ms. Gerhard worked for Ms. Livermore for a couple of years but practically had to be coerced into accepting a date. “I thought I didn’t need any help,” Ms. Gerhard said. To get Ms. Livermore off her back, she said, she agreed to one. But only one. That man is now her husband.
“I thank Pari every day,” Ms. Gerhard said.

Ms. Livermore began setting people up to garner popularity when she was in high school. She sat on the opposing team’s bleachers during football games so she could meet kids from other schools and introduce them to her classmates. A Jane Austen fan (naturally) who believes that “every nice girl should get married,” she is decidedly feminine.

But her husband was not keen on her working as a professional matchmaker. “He said, ‘You know, in our family we don’t have businesses like that,’” she said. “His family didn’t do that. Most of the women didn’t work.” He gave his blessing, though, to matchmaking for charity.

Ms. Livermore’s latest enterprise, the book “How to Marry a Fabulous Man,” will be published on Tuesday (30 percent of the proceeds go to charity), and it includes advice about the merits of cooking for and otherwise being indispensable to a man, saying “I love you” (“Don’t say it first”) and never revealing one’s age.

“Men have very clear ideas what age they’re looking for,” she said. “If I see someone that’s right for him, I never lie but the way I avoid this is I say to women: ‘Don’t tell me your age but I’m going to guess you’re probably in your early 30s. That’s what I’m going to tell people.’”

Ms. Livermore — whose husband of 19 years does not know how old she is — tends to pair attractive younger women with financially successful men. Many have been married before.

MS. EMMINGER, 48, met Mr. Katz, 69, at the Red & White ball last April. She was volunteering as an escort, leading men into the ballroom. Mr. Katz found her dress appealing. He complimented her, danced with her, then told her to dance with other men because she looked too young. He wanted a woman with whom he could talk, one who had some “water under her bow,” one old enough, he said, to be utterly comfortable in her own skin. Besides, he had been burned before. When a 42-year-old woman he had been dating learned he was 24 years her elder, she said, “I can’t bring a guy home who’s older than my mother.”

“When I took the dagger out of my heart,” Mr. Katz said, “I said, ‘I ain’t ever going through this again.’”

But Ms. Emminger and Mr. Katz did not stay away from each other for long and, as Ms. Livermore advised, they did not discuss age until their relationship — which now includes golf outings, horseback riding and wine tasting — blossomed. By then, the years didn’t matter. They became engaged last week.

Ms. Livermore’s advice also came in handy for Gretchen Schomer Wendel, an author of children’s books who attempted to transition from girlfriend to wife by using what Ms. Livermore calls “the velvet hammer” — giving a boyfriend a sweet but serious one-month ultimatum.

“When a year rolled around he gave me some nice pearls and I was like, ‘That’s very nice but I don’t want pearls, I want a ring,’” said Ms. Wendel, who had met her noncommittal boyfriend through Ms. Livermore. “He turned white.”

He wanted six weeks to decide. Ms. Wendel gave him four.

“He waited to the last day of the four weeks,” she said.

She married Hal Wendel on May 20, 2000. They are the parents of Clayton, 5, and Megan, 2.

The irony in this situation has no bounds

The Naked Truth About Charity Golf Tournament

ATLANTA -- An Atlanta woman’s shelter said it’s both shocked and outraged that a golf outing featuring nude dancers claimed, without permission, that it was a charity event to raise money for the shelter. An undercover investigation by Channel 2 Action News found the tournament, organized by a company that owns a cluster of Atlanta strip clubs, did not get approval to use the charity’s name.

Charity golf outings are popular in the adult entertainment business. Participants pay big bucks to drink and play while surrounded by scantily clad or totally nude dancers. The outing Channel 2 producers investigated last month may have broken several laws according to Fulton County Police. And they have another problem, claiming they were hosting the charity for a shelter that rescues women and children from the streets of Atlanta.

It was a beautiful fall day for golf at the Wolf Creek Golf Club. Sunshine, a gentle breeze and some sights you probably wouldn’t expect -- strip club dancers walking around with less than proper golf attire.

“It’s appalling, I mean, there’s children that ride through here. I’m walking with my baby and I would hate to see that,” said homeowner Dorene Gardner.

Well over a hundred dancers converged out on putting greens and fairways. Many were totally naked.

The signs in more open areas of the golf course told dancers to keep their bikinis on. But from the back decks of some homes, there was a clear view of women who were partially or totally nude.

The scene happened about a hundred yards from a cul-de-sac where children were playing football.

“I am terribly upset about that. I had no idea we would have that kind of activity in the neighborhood,” said resident Shirline Johnson.

The supposed charity golf outing was advertised in Creative Loafing and sponsored by a group of adult nightclubs. The cost was $175 per golfer. Alcohol was flowing and dancers charged $300 to caddy.

Organizers told Channel 2 producers that it was all for a good cause. The money raised would help support the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children. We thought we’d show them some pictures of what happened on the golf course.

“That’s a naked lady…oh my gosh she is naked,” said shelter director Shirley Baker. “I can’t even believe they would do this. We are a Christian-based ministry and there is no way…oh wow.”

The shelter operations manager told Channel 2 they were never informed that a nude golf charity event was being staged using their name. They said they would never accept money raised in that fashion.

“To attach our name to something like this, that’s deplorable,” Baker said.

So what did the strip clubs have to say about falsely using the name of a shelter for battered women for their nude golf charity event? And where did all that money go?

The event organizer, Dan White, didn't have much to say. He slipped back into the Gold Rush Show Bar before Channel 2 could ask a single question. He sent a blunt message through his security guard. “No comment. That’s what I was told to say,” the security guard said.

Channel 2’s Tom Regan also did not get much help form the manager of the golf shop. He said he didn’t know anything about the fundraiser. “Where are the nude women? You got nude women here? If we had that going on do you think my parking lot would be as empty as it is,” asked golf shop manager Andre Jones.

The company that owns the adult clubs, Garaldi South, faxed Channel 2 a copy of a $750 cashiers check which their lawyer said was dropped off at the front desk of the shelter last month. The shelter’s director and financial administrator said they never received a check nor is Jack Garaldi in any of their records.

“That’s trash. To attach our name to something like that is totally wrong,” said Baker.
Garaldi’s lawyer said after expenses the event lost money.

The event did not have the appropriate legal permit to pour liquor and according to state officials, was violating the law. Fulton County police also said the women dancers likely violated laws prohibiting public nudity.

Monday, November 5, 2007

How appropriate for the 5th of November

All hell has broken loose in Pakistan. The laundry list of civil rights violations makes me laugh my crazy lady laugh. Even Bush is like, "Cut the games, Musharaff. Pleeeease?"

Did you know we gave this asshole and his regime $150 million PER MONTH to support his work against "terrorism"?

Everyone who is anyone in the fight against this injustice is getting rounded up and arrested. Lawyers, political activists, students, etc. are being shut down by the military while their leader suspended their constitution and fired judges who opposed his leadership.

Meanwhile in America, our "leaders" are barely batting an eye. While thousands suffer, we are trying to figure out the best way to maintain our diplomatic ties with an asshole leader who goes against the purest prinicipals of democracy.

The above picture shows a lawyer being hauled off by plain clothes policemen during a protest. Take a cue, Americans.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

For all those people who think V is just a character, here's some info on the real V, Guy Fawkes.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Our very own Al Sharpton

From the files of Pointless Protests and Wasted Energy:

Black On Black Crime, Survivors/Victims of Tragedy and Cleveland school
students will speak outside Tower City at 3:15 today about the new policy that
keeps teens out of the building when not accompanied by a parent or

"We have many pertinent and important questions which our community
needs answers to concerning our kids," Art McKoy said in a news release.

The group hopes to meet with management to discuss a plan that would be
better than a boycott of the stores there, a news release said.

Yeah, Bama, and you wouldn't use the nigger card, sure.

Just because you're the only Black candidate doesn't prevent you from coming off as a top-notch asshole. I'm pretty sure if the roles were switched, he'd be crying out against the "high-tech lynching" that he was receiving.

I'm sorry John, Barack, Hillary: where are you again on the following:

- the war
- education
- The Gays
- women's health
- healthcare for all
- foreign policy
- social security
- jobs

I can't tell, cuz all you hoes keep talking about ya'll selves. Knock it off.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I believe the words I am looking for are: Told you so.

What did I say? What did I say? Exactly.

Brang it ooooooown

FirstEnergy hired some fancy pants lobbyist to further its evil plan to monopolize the region's energy rates. Link has useful back story. I'll let you figure out why you should be concerned.

-----> waiting

OK. Because the damn company wants to have sole control over setting prices. This new legislation would require them to come to the Public Utilities Commission before setting prices and if the Comission says, "hey, wait a minute. You can't charge this, it's like totally too high.", then FirstEnergy couldn't do it. Hence, protecting the consumer. This bloggy has a good explanation of the fuckedupedness that is this situation.

So, come on fancy lobby man: show me what you got. Ya bastard.

My Dream Job with Only ONE Problem

Got this posting emailed to me from several cool people I know. They know me pretty well because this is my dream job. The mission rocks. I can't get bored. Love, love, love it. However...the pay is a joke.

What they are calling a Development Associate is really a Development Director and in some orgs, an Associate Director. And they still need you to answer the phones and do "light bookkeeping"????

I see several positions in this posting:
- foundation relations manager
- special events manager
- major gifts coordinator
- volunteer manager
- annual campaign coordinator
- public relations and marketing manager

At least.

I know they probably can't pay more than that, but it then speaks to the fact that many nonprofits have their hands tied because they have so much to do and no one to do it. People who care about social justice sometimes can't afford to make it their career. That sucks. it's cyclical: you need money to hire people. You need people to raise money. People deserve to be paid what they're worth and get paid enough to have a sustainable lifestyle that doesn't involve living check-to-check.

Second dream job I have seen where compensation has been the buzzkill.

The Development Associate will have job responsibilities in two major areas: fund development and volunteer management. Specific responsibilities include:

· Create fundraising materials such as direct mail appeals, funding proposals, donor acknowledgement letters, and other informational materials that support the development program.
· Maintain records and conduct research on major donors and prospects. Assist Executive Director in setting and preparing for major donor visits and conduct donor cultivation.
· Work with volunteer committee to plan and coordinate special events, including developing corporate sponsorships.
· Collaborate with other staff to write grant proposals. Research new grant opportunities, manage grant reporting requirements.
· Meet member organization requirements for Community Shares. Serve on committee, manage workplace giving campaigns and submit required paperwork.
· Manage volunteer and paid telemarketing to prospects and members.
· Assist with the publication of annual report and organizational newsletter.
· Manage volunteer activities and assist Executive Director with managing interns.
· Represent organization at public events.
· Administrative tasks including management of the donor database, light bookkeeping and answering the phones.
· Special tasks and projects as assigned.

The qualified candidate must have a college degree and specific work experience in development and marketing. Superb communication skills, exemplary writing skills, ability to work with a team, sense of humor and enthusiasm for reproductive rights are essential. Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel required. Knowledge of DonorPerfect software a plus.

Hours and Compensation
Annual Full Time Salary Range: $25,000 - $30,000. Competitive benefits package. Some evenings and weekends required.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Speaking of high school comparisons

If I went to school with these two, I would have voted for them in the homecoming court race:

Blondie Coworker Lady and Smarty Pants Man

They actually seem more like Student Council kids, but whatever. They have cats, which I will not count against them because I know deep down they want a dog.

Vindication for the public skool kidz

Cleveland State University law grads excel at bar exam
Case alums bring up rear in passage rate
Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Janet Okoben, Plain Dealer Reporter

Law school graduates from Cleveland State University showed up their private-school counterparts at Case Western Reserve University in the most recent Ohio Bar exam, posting the highest passage rate in the region.

CSU's law school tied with Ohio State University for the second-highest bar passage rate in the state, according to results released by the Ohio Supreme Court. Ninety percent of CSU and OSU students taking the test for the first time passed. Ohio Northern University, with a 95 percent passage rate, was tops in the state.

Case's passage rate for first-time test takers was lowest in the state, at 83 percent. Statewide, 88 percent of all 1,094 first-timers passed.

Law school graduates can take the bar exam multiple times, but the percentage of students who pass the test on the first try is a major measure of the quality of a legal education, said Chris Davey, a spokesman for the court.

For CSU's Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, the high passage rate is the result of years of work.

The Ohio Board of Regents threatened tougher oversight for public law schools back in the 1990s, when passage rates statewide were much lower.

In 2004, Steven Steinglass, the former dean, pushed to hire a full-time bar exam coordinator. Admissions requirements got tougher. Two years ago, the school introduced a for-credit course on the bar exam.

CSU also started requiring students to meet one-on-one with faculty in their second year of law school to plan for the exam they take almost two years later. Everyone in the law school pitches in, including Dean Geoffrey Mearns, who talked by phone on Tuesday in between one-on-one sessions he had scheduled with four second-year students.

The idea is "to impress upon them a year-and-a-half to two years in advance the kinds of things they need to be doing now to prepare," Mearns said. "It's one of those challenges you face as a professional that you can't wait until the last six weeks."

Case's law school probably will see some changes after posting the lowest passage rate in the state, said Dean Gary Simson.

He tried to put the score in context by noting that Case educates lawyers who will go on to practice all over the country. Only 70 Case law graduates took the Ohio exam for the first time in July, out of a graduating class of 225. Therefore, the curriculum at Case isn't geared as closely to the Ohio bar exam as it is at other law schools around the state, Simson said.
Still, he said the passage rates must rise and he has already created a committee to come up with ideas by January.

"There's no question, we shouldn't have been hovering around the mid-80s," Simson said. "It should be 95 percent and there's no reason why it can't be."

In the meantime, CSU's law school has another selling point to trumpet, along with an in-state tuition of $16,478 a year - compared to Case at $34,700.

Posted by request

Ailey II at Stoker Arts Center
Lorain County Community College 1005 N Abbe Rd -- Elyria, OH
Monday, November 5, 2007 – 7:30 pm
Ailey II at Stoker Arts Center

tickets: $15.00/Adults; $10.00/Children 12 and under

They're young. They're talented. And they dance with an energy which seems inexhaustible. Ailey II is universally renowned for merging the spirit and energy of the country's best young dance talent with the passion and creative vision of today's most outstanding emerging horeographers.

Alvin Ailey personally appointed former Ailey member, Sylvia Waters, as the Artistic Director of Ailey II and she has served in that capacity since the Company's inception in 1974. Under her direction, Ailey II has invigorated the American dance scene by emphasizing a balance of repertoire, technique and performance, while offering unique opportunities for artists. It has become one of the most popular and critically acclaimed dance companies in the United States. In recent years, Ailey II's distinctive repertory has included works by dance masters Alvin Ailey and Talley Beatty, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Artistic Director Judith Jamison, and such innovative choreographers as Donald Byrd, Shapiro & Smith, Shen Wei, Avila/Weeks, Lar Lubovitch, Kevin Wynn and Ulysses Dove.

The New York Times says "Ailey II can be counted on to deliver high-energy dancing made even more electric by the push of youthful ambition." The Arizona Daily Sun raves "...energetic and skillfully performed tour-de-force, and a standing ovation from the captivated audience brought dancers to the edge of the stage for repeated and well-deserved bows."

Ailey II qualifies for our new "Take A Chance" program - which means that ½ price tickets (off of the Adult ticket price) – will be available at the Box Office 1-1/2 hours prior to curtain!

My Femme card is close to being revoked

More music from bands that I shouldn't love. The guilt makes me feel dirty. This band is called Louis XIV. They are drrty white boys from San Diego. Their whole album is porno movie soundtrack music and it. is. so. good.

Ah chocolate girl, you’re looking like something I want
(finding out true love is blind)
Ah and your little Asian friend she can come if she wants
(finding out true love is blind)
I want all the self conscious girls who try to hide who they are with makeup
(finding out true love is blind)
You know it’s the girl with a frown with the tight pants I really want to shake up
(finding out true love is blind)

Hey, carrot juice, I wanna squeeze you away until you bleed
(finding out true love is blind)
\And your vanilla friend, well she looks like something I need
(finding out true love is blind)
I want miss little smart girl with your glasses and all your books
(finding out true love is blind)
And I want the stupid girl who gives me all those dirty looks
(finding out true love is blind)

Wind you up and make you crawl to me
Tie you up until you call to me[x2]

Ah brown girl with those with the hot pants shaking that thing on the street
(finding out true love is blind)
Yeah and the short girls with the way they crawl knocks me off my feet
(finding out true love is blind)
And all the tough girls who never want me to see them cry
(finding out true love is blind)
And the girls who straight treat me like a dog until the day I die
(finding out true love is blind)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

dammit, dammit, dammit

This whole time I was like, "That dude is so screwed!" Then I see a picture of him in this article and I just want to be bang my head against a wall.


Chew on this.

There. I said it.

Am I the only one who isn't sad about those college kids in North Carolina? And am I the only person who hates it when people are always like: "He/She had such a zest for life," or "She was the sweetest person you would ever meet"?

So assholes never die? I know if I were to roll over and die right now, somebody should be thinking: "What a bitch. Glad she's done and over with." I would appreciate that sort of honesty.

Let's be real: they were those people you know: sorority girls and frat guys. One was homecoming queen. They were rich and privileged. Not that that makes them bad people per se, but you know...I am sure some dorky kid from their high school who they treated like shit is secretly smiling somewhere in a dark corner.

(Wow. That was so bitchy of me.)

Monday, October 29, 2007

There's even a Wiki link to "CP time"!

Debra Dickerson is the woman I should be. Here she brings the pain to Barack for his homo-hypocrisy.

Yeah, "Pastor" McClurkin, you USED to be gay. Right.