Thursday, May 31, 2007

Whoops! our bad

Hey Africa!

Sorry about that whole imperialism thing. I think we should totally bury the hatches and move forward.

Your friend,
Tony B.

Give me liberty, or give me death

No really...give me death. Inmates serving life sentences in Italy sent a petition signed by over 300 prisoners to the Italian PM. The petition asks that the Italian government turn their life sentences into death penalties. For them death is preferable to life in prison. The government's response: we'll think about it.

Jesus is pretty hot

I knew those Bible-thumping girls were slutty.

An excerpt:
So, where does that leave our Romeo, still scanning the bar for a date? If he wanted to stick with the wholesome blonde, he would have to introduce himself and ask the relevant follow-up, namely, how often do you see Pastor Ted, or do you go to Bible study every week? If he ruled her out, here are some general guidelines: Definitely out of the question is an Asian-American who attends church weekly—84 percent of them are virgins. A Mormon is a long shot. They are unlikely to have sex and if they do, they don't tend to repeat the experience. A Catholic or a mainline Protestant teenager is a much better bet than a Jew (around 30 percent of the first two groups have had sex, compared with 17.6 percent for Jews). But a Jew could net a higher reward: Jews are more likely to say sex is pleasurable and more likely to have experienced oral sex.

Some girls buy shoes...

....and other girls get inked. In order to survive my blue state of mind and self-medicate, Moxie Lady impulsively got tattooed yesterday at Voodoo Monkey, Cleveland's first tat parlour. I went in on Tuesday with the "itch" and saw a fabu tat that required more hours than the artist, John, had. So we made an appointment for Wednesday evening and now my arm is literally swollen with pride. John and I spent about two hours chatting about Cleveland, family, work, and the like (He's great and I would recommend him to anyone.). Mademoiselle Kitty and her homme stopped by for a visit to help pass the time. Later, I was taken home by God's Other Son like a patient who was recovering from surgery.

So when you see Moxie, check out the new tat (up to 5 with plenty to go). When I have time, will post a pic for my outta state fans. Depending how long this depression lasts, I may end up looking like this.

Small shout out to 3T for suggesting an idea for my next tattoo. England Prevails.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quarantine for idiots

This is a great example of stupid rich people doing stupid things. The best line out of the entire article (which was written like a broken record) is this one: "I'm a very well-educated, successful, intelligent person," he told the paper. "This is insane to me that I have an armed guard outside my door when I've cooperated with everything other than the whole solitary-confinement-in-Italy thing."

It is also comforting to know that white people are safe from profiling because he and his newlywed wife were able to "sneak" into the United States from Canada.

I'm not alone

Mama and Papa Moxie may have been born happy people, but life fucked them over so royally, that they became some of the greatest negative thinkers in our time. I was blessed to inherit this trait from them. Many people who have known me over the years have questioned my negative, pessimistic thinking. I always counter their questioning with a, "Fuck off", and an explanation that I am a realist and optimism is for white people.

There has been a recent "craze"--if you will--about postive thinking, the science of happiness and how it can change our lives. Moxie says bullshit. And to validate my long-held beliefs, there is a book out about the benefits of negative thinking. Further, there are people throughout the country...NO, the world that feel that negative thinking is actually essential to survival.

That actually makes me happy. Now pass the pills.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

MORE great news!

Ohio is one of only four states that has consistently lost jobs since the national recession ended in 2001! Believe in that, Cleveland PLUS!

Crowning observations

Omedetou! Miss Japan is Miss Universe 2007.

Unlike the other pageants, Miss Universe always has a tinge of political flair that makes it more exciting. Last year's winner was Miss Puerto Rico, which I think is great because PR gets its own contestant despite being a commonwealth country. Along with PR, islands owned by the UK also enjoy their own entries.

In a splendid move, Miss Sweden withdrew from the pageant after her fellow Swedes complained about the contest being degrading to women.

There were protestors in Mexico City, where the pageant took place, demonstrating about the Women of Juarez and the murders of indigeonus women that have plagued Mexico for years.

There was the jaw dropping hairdos from Miss Jamaica - the first Rasta in the pageant. She sported dreadlocks. And Miss Tanzania had a close shave. CRAZY.

Pageant audience members found time to boo Miss USA in response to the immigration debates going on.

And Miss Mexico was asked--in her home country--to find another dress because the one she was wearing was in poor taste. What made it tacky? Pictures drawn on it depicting Mexican rebels from the 1920's being slaughtered in an uprising. Almost as crazy as Miss Israel 2001's dress.

All in all, I appreciate this pageant as it seeks to show that pretty, privileged women can come from starving, third world countries.

Tuesday Tune

After watching a romantic comedy alone on Memorial Day while eating enough takeout Chinese to feed 2-3 people, I have this song stuck in my head today.

Having a cup of tea

Desperate Iraqi Refugees Turn to Sex Trade in Syria

New York Times
Published: May 29, 2007

MARABA, Syria — Back home in Iraq, Umm Hiba’s daughter was a devout schoolgirl, modest in her dress and serious about her studies. Hiba, who is now 16, wore the hijab, or Islamic head scarf, and rose early each day to say the dawn prayer before classes.

But that was before militias began threatening their Baghdad neighborhood and Umm Hiba and her daughter fled to Syria last spring. There were no jobs, and Umm Hiba’s elderly father developed complications related to his diabetes.

Desperate, Umm Hiba followed the advice of an Iraqi acquaintance and took her daughter to work at a nightclub along a highway known for prostitution. “We Iraqis used to be a proud people,” she said over the frantic blare of the club’s speakers. She pointed out her daughter, dancing among about two dozen other girls on the stage, wearing a pink silk dress with spaghetti straps, her frail shoulders bathed in colored light.

As Umm Hiba watched, a middle-aged man climbed onto the platform and began to dance jerkily, arms flailing, among the girls.

“During the war we lost everything,” she said. “We even lost our honor.” She insisted on being identified by only part of her name — Umm Hiba means mother of Hiba.

For anyone living in Damascus these days, the fact that some Iraqi refugees are selling sex or working in sex clubs is difficult to ignore.

Even in central Damascus, men freely talk of being approached by pimps trawling for customers outside juice shops and shawarma sandwich stalls, and of women walking up to passing men, an act unthinkable in Arab culture, and asking in Iraqi-accented Arabic if the men would like to “have a cup of tea.”

By day the road that leads from Damascus to the historic convent at Saidnaya is often choked with Christian and Muslim pilgrims hoping for one of the miracles attributed to a portrait of the Virgin Mary at the convent. But as any Damascene taxi driver can tell you, the Maraba section of this fabled pilgrim road is fast becoming better known for its brisk trade in Iraqi prostitutes.
Many of these women and girls, including some barely in their teens, are recent refugees. Some are tricked or forced into prostitution, but most say they have no other means of supporting their families. As a group they represent one of the most visible symptoms of an Iraqi refugee crisis that has exploded in Syria in recent months.

According to the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, about 1.2 million Iraqi refugees now live in Syria; the Syrian government puts the figure even higher.

Given the deteriorating economic situation of those refugees, a United Nations report found last year, many girls and women in “severe need” turn to prostitution, in secret or even with the knowledge or involvement of family members. In many cases, the report added, “the head of the family brings clients to the house.”

Aid workers say thousands of Iraqi women work as prostitutes in Syria, and point out that as violence in Iraq has increased, the refugee population has come to include more female-headed households and unaccompanied women.

“So many of the Iraqi women arriving now are living on their own with their children because the men in their families were killed or kidnapped,” said Sister Marie-Claude Naddaf, a Syrian nun at the Good Shepherd convent in Damascus, which helps Iraqi refugees.

She said the convent had surveyed Iraqi refugees living in Masaken Barzeh, on the outskirts of Damascus, and found 119 female-headed households in one small neighborhood. Some of the women, seeking work outside the home for the first time and living in a country with high unemployment, find that their only marketable asset is their bodies.

“I met three sisters-in-law recently who were living together and all prostituting themselves,” Sister Marie-Claude said. “They would go out on alternate nights — each woman took her turn — and then divide the money to feed all the children.”

For more than three years after the American-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, Iraqi prostitution in Syria, like any prostitution, was a forbidden topic for Syria’s government. Like drug abuse, the sex trade tends to be referred to in the local news media as acts against public decency. But Dietrun Günther, an official at the United Nations refugee agency’s Damascus office, said the government was finally breaking its silence.

“We’re especially concerned that there are young girls involved, and that they’re being forced, even smuggled into Syria in some cases,” Ms. Günther said. “We’ve had special talks with the Syrian government about prostitution.” She called the officials’ new openness “a great step.”
Mouna Asaad, a Syrian women’s rights lawyer, said the government had been blindsided by the scale of the arriving Iraqi refugee population. Syria does not require visas for citizens of Arab countries, and its government had pledged to assist needy Iraqis. But this country of 19 million was ill equipped to cope with the sudden arrival of hundreds of thousands of them, Ms. Asaad said.

“Sometimes you see whole families living this way, the girls pimped by the mother or aunt,” she said. “But prostitution isn’t the only problem. Our schools are overcrowded, and the prices of services, food and transportation have all risen. We don’t have the proper infrastructure to deal with this. We don’t have shelters or health centers that these women can go to. And because of the situation in Iraq, Syria is careful not to deport these women.”

Most of the semi-organized prostitution takes place on the outskirts of the capital, in nightclubs known as casinos — a local euphemism, because no gambling occurs.

At Al Rawabi, an expensive nightclub in Al Hami, there is even a floor show with an Iraqi theme. One recent evening, waiters brought out trays of snacks: French fries and grilled chicken hearts wrapped in foil folded into diamond shapes. A 10-piece band warmed up, and an M.C. gave the traditionally overwrought introduction in Arabic: “I give you the honey of all stages, the stealer of all hearts, the most golden throat, the glamorous artist: Maria!”

Maria, a buxom young woman, climbed onto the stage and began an anguished-sounding ballad. “After Iraq I have no homeland,” she sang. “I’m ready to go crawling on my knees back to Iraq.” Four other women, all wearing variations on leopard print, gyrated on stage, swinging their hair in wild circles. The stage lights had been fitted with colored gel filters that lent the women’s skin a greenish cast.

Al Rawabi’s customers watched Maria calmly, leaning back in their chairs and drinking Johnnie Walker Black. The large room smelled strongly of sweat mingled with the apple tobacco from scores of water pipes. When Maria finished singing, no one clapped.

She picked up the microphone again and began what she called a salute to Iraq, naming many of the Iraqi women in the club and, indicating one of the women in leopard print who had danced with her, “most especially my best friend, Sahar.”

After the dancers filed offstage and scattered around the room to talk to customers, Sahar told a visitor she was from the Dora district of Baghdad but had left “because of the troubles.” Now, she said she would leave the club with him for $200.

Aid workers say $50 to $70 is considered a good night’s wage for an Iraqi prostitute working in Damascus. And some of the Iraqi dancers in the crowded casinos of Damascus suburbs earn much less.

In Maraba, Umm Hiba would not say how much money her daughter took home at the end of a night. Noticing her reluctance, the club’s manager, who introduced himself as Hassan, broke in proudly.

“We make sure that each girl has a minimum of 500 lira at the end of each night, no matter how bad business is,” he said, mentioning a sum of about $10. “We are sympathetic to the situation of the Iraqi people. And we try to give some extra help to the girls whose families are in special difficulties.”

Umm Hiba shook her head. “It’s true that the managers here are good, that they’re helping us and not stealing the girls’ money,” she said. “But I’m so angry.

“Do you think we’re happy that these men from the gulf are seeing our daughters’ naked bodies?”

Most so-called casinos do not appear to directly broker arrangements between prostitutes and their customers. Zafer, a waiter at the club where Hiba works, said that the club earned money through sales of food and alcohol and that the dancers were encouraged to sit with male customers and order drinks to increase revenues.

Zafer, who spoke on condition that only his first name be used, refused to discuss specific women and girls at the club, but said that most of them did sell sexual favors. “They have an hourly rate,” he said. “And they have regular customers.”

Inexpensive Iraqi prostitutes have helped to make Syria a popular destination for sex tourists from wealthier countries in the Middle East. In the club’s parking lot, nearly half of the cars had Saudi license plates.

From Damascus it is only about six hours by car, passing through Jordan, to the Saudi border. Syria, where it is relatively easy to buy alcohol and dance with women, is popular as a low-cost weekend destination for groups of Saudi men.

And though some women of other nationalities, including Russians and Moroccans, still work as prostitutes in Damascus, Abeer, a 23-year-old from Baghdad working at the same club as Hiba, explained that the arriving Iraqis had pushed many of them out of business.

“From what I’ve seen, 70 percent to 80 percent of the girls working this business in Damascus today are Iraqis,” she said. “The rents here in Syria are too expensive for their families. If they go back to Iraq they’ll be slaughtered, and this is the only work available.”

What do fallen heroes look like?

I am sure many people are recovering from spending time with their loved ones yesterday. Almost everyone I know had something to say about food, family, travel, or sobriety checkpoints. No one mentioned anything about all the dead soldiers and the reason why Memorial Day exists. Now, you know that I am no flag waver, but I support my troops. And while everyone was passing the baked beans and seven-layer salad, I sincerely hope that at some point they thought about how lucky they were to a) be surrounded by family, and b) be with their loved ones instead of at a cemetery leaving flowers for their kin.

I guess you think about Memorial Day a little more when there is war going on. And I came across this nicely put article about remembering Puerto Ricans who have served in the US military. That brought me to my next thought: when we do take a moment to "remember" our fallen heroes....faces stuffed with grilled pork and burnt hamburgers....what do they look like?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Computer Lesson

Believe it or not, Moxie was teaching first graders today. I know. Someone let me near their small, easily-influenced children. They were all so...cute. Clean. And smart. That's how I like first graders; and their names were 95% pronounceable. In a totally unrelated a topic, a man is suing his former employer, IBM in a wrongful dismissal case because he was fired for visiting adult chat rooms at work.

In the spirit of teaching, I thought my dear readers could:
1. Review the story which is linked above;
2. Complete the activity below with answers that can be found in the article;
3. Learn the following vocabulary words and phrases and practice them in their everyday speech:
- tool
- excuses
- lame
- hater
- snowball's chance in hell

This article is about a man who fought in the ______ War. He claims to have suffered from _______-_______ ________ ______ after watching one of his comrades die in action. He worked for ______. That company makes ________.

A coworker ________ on him and his bosses found out that he was looking at ______ on his computer at work. He was fired. He has a _______ who has brought a case against the company. They say that IBM should have treated his condition like they would any employee found to be using ______ or ______.

IBM says the man was told several times to ______ looking at adult sites at work. He says this is not true and he was _____-_______ to treat his post-traumatic stress disorder.

Moxie thinks this is a load of ______. She wants to know what he did before the invention of the interner to treat his disorder. She thinks the coworker who ratted him out is a ______, _____, and _____ ass.

Please complete and submit your answers via the comments section.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


McDonald's is taking offense to the Oxford English Dictionary's use of the word, "McJob". It has launched a petition/campaign to get the dictionary to change the definition from "an unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects, esp. one created by the expansion of the service sector," to "a job that is stimulating, rewarding and offers genuine opportunities for career progression and skills that last a lifetime."

Do they want fries that, too? *tee hee*

But having a McJob has its rewards: you earn money so you can afford to live in a McMansion. On weekends, you can take your kids to the McDojo so they can practice martial arts. Then, on Sundays, you can all worship as a family at the neighborhood McChurch.

Up in smoke...

As part of a global trend, the UK recently imposed a nationwide smoking ban (Even Cuba has one and they are known for their what? Cigars. Exactly). And like every municipality and country that has had to deal with it, there has been some backlash. The BBC did a feature about the unintended results of the smoking ban. One very scoff-inducing result is the idea that the smoking ban actually causes people to smoke. This is illustrated by an asthmatic man (an adult mind you) that says he grew tired of sitting alone in the pub while his mates went outside for 10-20 minutes to smoke and chat. He decided to go outside and join them...and smoke with them(?).

The other "consequences" of the smoking ban include global warming from all the outdoor heaters, celebrities forced to face the paparrazzi because they can no longer hide inside the clubs, children facing increased exposure to second-hand smoke because their caretakers stay home and smoke, and an increased demand for chefs since pubs focus on non-smoking foodies than smoking beer chuggers.

It all makes for a very interesting article. Nevertheless, the fact remains that smoking sucks and you should just quit.

You have two moms and one was a park ranger...

....and the other is an executive for a fading internet company. In spectacular news, fellow Aquarian Dick Cheney has a sixth grandchild. The Cheneys were photographed at the hospital in Washington with their new grandson. This is news because 1) that is one more ugly person on the planet; 2) it might be one more Republican; and 3) it is the newborn son of his lesbian daughter and her long-time partner....who used to be a park ranger.

Granny and Granddaddy Cheney are avoiding any discussion about the fact that their grandson has two mommies, but everyone else is talking. His daughter--who likes to downplay the fact she is a big homo--also tried to sidestep the significance, but did make a refernce saying that gay parents are just as good a heterosexual parents.

The article also mentions that no one knows where the baby came from. I guess it was a gift from the big gay stork.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

God Bless America

Wish I were here: Fleet Week 2007 - New York City.

Because I love my country! Not for the hundreds of men and women soldiers who will be let loose on dry land in those cute little uniforms. There is also one on the west coast. *drooling* *crossing, uncrossing legs* ahem.

I'm afraid of Dangerous Negro

So a sorority sister of mine sent out this email about her brother's new company, which is a subsidiary/affiliate of this other company, DangerousNegro. Apparently, DN is the rage amongst "conscious" young Negros. Being a supportive sister, t-shirt fan, and "conscious" Negress, I visited the DN site and found some of the apparel cute.

Buuuuuuut, upon looking further, I decided that DN is not dangerous enough and I have deemed it the product of a Black man (or men) that has not fully grasped feminist principles and perceives cash money as an indicator of racial equity. Thus, putting screeching brakes on their self-described "movement".

Why Dangerous Negro is nothing to be afraid of:
- They are definitely not dangerous like the real Dangerous Negro;
- They monopolize the term, "Black" so that it only refers to African-Americans. Meaning that should Papa Moxie would have liked to purchase a shirt, he would not because he was not African-American, he was Afro-Latino, yet Black as the day is long;
- The material of the subsidiary company borders on homophobic and sexist, so they're unconscious in those departments;
- They use apparel that does not come out as clearly and absolutely anti-sweatshop;
- AND finally, the apparel is shown being worn by some Black entertainers that I would certainly describe as less than "conscious", but certainly themselves and the sanity of the Black community.

Don't worry white people, these Dangerous Negroes won't have you shaking in your boots. Normal, privileged behavior can resume. False alarm.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Around Town

Moxie had the surprise pleasure of running into CYBT aka Tiffany today after work. We're work neighbors!

CYBT is so awesome because 1) she read the L'Enfant article from the Washington Post that I raved about; and 2) she gave me these funky postcards she got at the Rock Hall. Two cards were of my fave gal and one pic was of these gems.

In my excitement for the gesture, I talked her ear off about race, the south, Cleveland, my uncanny ability to judge anything and everything I see yet know nothing about, what else?.....oh and putting on airs in front of white people, office plazas, and my disdain for corporate culture.

Being the genteel southerner that she is, she patiently listened to the point that she was late for her next appointment. Sorry 'bout that.

She did, however, make fun of me for not having an Ipod. What can I say? I'm technologically conservative.

And in all my babbling, I FORGOT to personally invite her to this. I had hotcards in my bag and everything and I was so self-absorbed in godknowswhat that I didn't give her one. Hope to see you June 8, CYBT aka Tiffany aka work neighbor!

The cure for a bad day

A dance party alone in your room with this song on repeat. Done and Done.

Monday, May 21, 2007

As if adopting children of color wasn't enough

Angelina Jolie is playing a woman of color in her latest film about the late Daniel Pearl's wife. Great.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tell Gov. Strickland to reject abstinence-only funding

From Mary O'Shea at PPGC: As you probably know, when Governor Strickland released his budget, the $500,000 Ohio match to access federal Title V money for abstinence-only-until marriage programs was NOT included, and the governor stated that he was not planning to apply for future funds.

The House put the $500,000 back in the budget. Now the budget is with the Senate. We are very much hoping that Governor Strickland will veto the abstinence money when the budget returns to him. We and coalition partners are working towards this, and towards making sure that there are not enough votes in the House to override a veto. Meanwhile, a poll was just released showing public support for the Governor's position.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: You can write a letter to the editor in support of the Governor's decision, and chiding House members for putting the money back in for programs that were concluded to be full of medical inaccuracies and are not what the majority of parents want for their children. (Incidentally, the ACLU is now examining the abstinence curricula for separation of church and state issues.)

You can also contact your legislators and tell them that you don't want your state tax dollars funding abstinence-only-until marriage programs. Find your legislators at


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Performance art that I can actually respect

Most people who know Moxie know that she doesn't like performance art as a whole. However this exhibition by two artists in China is worth checking out...especially if you actually live in China.

R.I.P. Yoki

Is this some sick and twisted joke from God? The pearly gates were mighty busy on Tuesday.

Empathy: everyone should try it

In a related story to a previous entry, several lawmakers are taking the Food Stamp Challenge that requires them to live on $21 per day, which is the average cost that a welfare recipient receives. Of all the members of Congress, only four are participating.

And they are serious: no meals that exceed the $21 per day limit. They can't eat any of the meals they could eat at their posh fundraisers, no fancy coffee drinks, or organic vegetables. They hope to bring awareness of the ironic hunger issue in America, the world's richest and fattest country. This awareness will hopefully lead to more funding in the food stamp budget under the Farm Bill. It will also shed some light on how unaccessible nutrious, organic food is to low-income people....which may explain the whole fat America part.

To read about their experiences and see PDF copies of their receipts, go here and here.

Kudos to one Republican and three Democrats (one from Ohio!) for walking a mile and talking the talk.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

R.I.P. I guess...

Television evangelist Falwell dies at 73
By SUE LINDSEY, Associated Press Writer 1 minute ago

The Rev. Jerry Falwell, who founded the Moral Majority and built the religious right into a political force, died Tuesday shortly after being found unconscious in his office at Liberty University, a school executive said. He was 73.

Ron Godwin, the university's executive vice president, said Falwell, 73, was found unresponsive around 10:45 a.m. and taken to Lynchburg General Hospital . "CPR efforts were unsuccessful," he said.

Godwin said he was not sure what caused the collapse, but he said Falwell "has a history of heart challenges."

"I had breakfast with him, and he was fine at breakfast," Godwin said. "He went to his office, I went to mine, and they found him unresponsive."

Falwell had survived two serious health scares in early 2005. He was hospitalized for two weeks with what was described as a viral infection, then was hospitalized again a few weeks later after going into respiratory arrest. Later that year, doctors found a 70 percent blockage in an artery, which they opened with stents.

Falwell credited his Moral Majority with getting millions of conservative voters registered, electing Ronald Reagan and giving Republicans Senate control in 1980.

"I shudder to think where the country would be right now if the religious right had not evolved," Falwell said when he stepped down as Moral Majority president in 1987.

The fundamentalist church that Falwell started in an abandoned bottling plant in 1956 grew into a religious empire that includes the 22,000-member Thomas Road Baptist Church , the "Old Time Gospel Hour" carried on television stations around the country and 7,700-student Liberty University . He built Christian elementary schools, homes for unwed mothers and a home for alcoholics.

He also founded Liberty University in Lynchburg , which began as Lynchburg Baptist College in 1971.

Liberty University 's commencement is scheduled for Saturday, with former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich as the featured speaker.

In 2006, Falwell marked the 50th anniversary of his church and spoke out on stem cell research, saying he sympathized with people with medical problems, but that any medical research must pass a three-part test: "Is it ethically correct? Is it biblically correct? Is it morally correct?"

Falwell had once opposed mixing preaching with politics, but he changed his view and in 1979, founded the Moral Majority. The political lobbying organization grew to 6.5 million members and raised $69 million as it supported conservative politicians and campaigned against abortion, homosexuality, pornography and bans on school prayer.

Falwell became the face of the religious right, appearing on national magazine covers and on television talk shows. In 1983, U.S. News & World Report named him one of 25 most influential people in America .

In 1984, he sued Hustler magazine for $45 million, charging that he was libeled by an ad parody depicting him as an incestuous drunkard. A federal jury found the fake ad did not libel him, but awarded him $200,000 for emotional distress. That verdict was overturned, however, in a landmark 1988 U.S. Supreme Court decision that held that even pornographic spoofs about a public figure enjoy First Amendment protection.

The case was depicted in the 1996 movie "The People v. Larry Flynt."

With Falwell's high profile came frequent criticism, even from fellow ministers. The Rev. Billy Graham once rebuked him for political sermonizing on "non-moral issues."

Falwell quit the Moral Majority in 1987, saying he was tired of being "a lightning rod" and wanted to devote his time to his ministry and Liberty University . But he remained outspoken and continued to draw criticism for his remarks.

Days after Sept. 11, 2001, Falwell essentially blamed feminists, gays, lesbians and liberal groups for bringing on the terrorist attacks. He later apologized.

In 1999, he told a evangelical conference that the Antichrist was a male Jew who was probably already alive. Falwell later apologized for the remark but not for holding the belief. A month later, his National Liberty Journal warned parents that Tinky Winky, a purple, purse-toting character on television's "Teletubbies" show, was a gay role model and morally damaging to children.

Falwell was re-energized after moral values issues proved important in the 2004 presidential election. He formed the Faith and Values Coalition as the "21st Century resurrection of the Moral Majority," to seek anti-abortion judges, a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and more conservative elected officials.

The big, blue-eyed preacher with a booming voice started his independent Baptist church with 35 members. From his living room, he began broadcasting his message of salvation and raising the donations that helped his ministry grow.

"He was one of the first to come up with ways to use television to expand his ministry," said Robert Alley, a retired University of Richmond religion professor who studied and criticized Falwell's career.

From Degrassi to My So-Called Life

I'm sure the 2.5 people who read my blog are DYING to know what is going on the Moxie L-O-V-E Department with Miss Fixx-It as the new hire.

Let's see...there have been pink flowers, a pink card, Tollhouse Cookies, dinners out, dinners in, phone calls, text messaging and finally some high school-style makeout sessions. It's very Class President meets Captain of the Softball Team (She's too short and tiny for a basketball or football metaphor...and she really did play softball whereas I was not Class President because people clearly vote for looks and popularity and not qualifications of the candidates. After I lost the primary, I became campaign speech writer for the Class Treasurer and she won hence my career in writing for other peope now).

However, in this time, we have forced ourselves to escape the quicksand of girl-on-grrl relationships. In other words, slowing things down - waaaaaay down. This being done in a way that mimics more a "My So-Called Life" episode than the adolescent bliss that is Degrassi. She's Jared Leto and I'm Claire Danes. We had a conversation over text message that if it were a scene would go something like this:

(Playing: I'll Be by Edwin McCain)
Miss: I'm so sorry about last night. I think I was a little tipsy. I had like four Smirnoff Ices and a shot. I was almost trashed.
ML: Why are you apologizing for drinking alcohol?
Miss: *sigh* It's just that....I felt that...fuck.
ML: What?
Miss: I could have went further with you...
(The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful Stop me and steal my breath And emeralds from mountains thrust towards the sky Never revealing their depth)
ML: I wish...I mean...yeah. That's OK. It's all good.
Miss: I'm such as an asshole for thinking about going all the way with you! I hate myself....I like you. Like, I really like you. I shouldn't be thinking about having sex with you. That's just crazy.
ML: Yeah. *blinks*
(And Tell me that we belong together Dress it up with the trappings of love I'll be captivated, I'll hang from your lips Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above)
Miss: *deep breath* *pounds wall with fist* It's just that...I don't want to make the same mistakes. Life has brought me gifts and I want to open them with my
ML: What? Oh, yeah. Totally. You like it with the lights on. I can dig that.
Miss: Are you OK with this?
ML: I think so...what is "this"?
Miss: US.
(And I'll be your cryin' shoulder I'll be loves suicide And I'll be better when I'm older I'll be the greatest fan of your life.)
ML: *She is so hot. I wish we were making out right now.* Yes, us. Right, I knew that. So...that morning in your bed meant nothing? *tearing up* The way you pre-cut and buttered my pancakes...meant nothing? How can...can...someone make pancakes and bacon so crispy for another person and let them eat it in their king-sized bed on a Saturday morning turn AROUND and say....*breathes* and say that it was a mistake? How?
(And I dropped out, I burned up, I fought my way back from the dead I’m tuned in, I turned on, remembered the thing that you said)
Miss: I DON'T do that for everyone. You take that back! *pounds fist into wall* *runs fingers through her hair*
ML: The bacon was so crispy...*crying* so crispy.
Miss: I want to make pancakes and bacon for a friend. Right now. And, and one day I can see us eating pancakes together all the time. I don't want to ruin pancakes between us.
ML: Oh, wait: so you're saying I can still get pancakes?
Miss: Yes. But this isn't about the pancakes. Are you listening to me?
ML: Yeah, yeah. That was like a deli cut bacon, I can tell. Friends, girlfriends...sure, fine.
Miss: I want us to take our time.
ML: OK. But next time, *caresses her cheek* we have to have Mrs. Butterworth's.
*walks out of the room*
Miss: Wait. We're done talking?

(And I'll be your cryin' shoulder
I'll be loves suicide
And I'll be better when I'm older
I'll be the greatest fan of your
I'll be your cryin' shoulder
I'll be loves suicide
And I'll be better when I'm older
I'll be the greatest fan of your life

The greatest fan of your life)

Silently longing

Further underlining his wasteful and hate-filled existence, the Pope managed to alienate an entire race of people in Brasil. While many residents in the largely Roman Catholic country welcomed his historical visit, other citizens of the indigenous persuasion did not.

He said that these people had been "silently longing" for Catholicism before the first missionaries set foot on the continent, and by revisiting their religious roots they would be taking a step backward.

Yes, silently longing for white Spaniards to rape and pillage their land (and by land I mean the ENTIRE Amazon), spreading the word of God. Spreading diseases that resulted in the deaths of millions, eradicating entire subcultures of people. Silently longing for their identities to be suppressed and assimilated into Western culture. Silently longing to be used as slaves in the then-lucrative sugar market. Silently longing to be ignored, plighted, and pushed out of their homes. Thank God for Catholicism!

Preach on, Pope, preach on.

If Pathetic had a homepage.... would be this.

Uncle Sam is no longer part of your Top 8


The WP fronts, and the WSJ goes high with, the Pentagon announcing yesterday
that its computers will no longer be able to access popular sites such as YouTube, MySpace, Photobucket, and 10 others. Those blocked include some of the most popular sites for social networking, photo, and video, which are widely used among soldiers and their families. The Pentagon insists these sites have slowed down the department's network, although some believe the ban has more to do with trying to control the flow of information out of war zones. Service members can still access the sites, as long as it's not from a military computer.
Hopefully they still have access to porn sites.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Is the UK the new LA?

Apparently cops in the UK also get off the hook for shooting minorities on "accident".

Mademoiselle Kitty #2 - Career Exploration

MK: So what is a goal you would like to commit to?
Client 1: I want a good paying job.
MK: That is great. What kind of job?
Client 1: A good one, like at McDonald's.

MK: Well, the STNA Program would be your next step. Do you think you're ready?
Client 2: Oh yes, I am. I am ready for it. I want to do this so bad. My friend went through the program and sometimes I see her in her uniform;
MK: Uh huh.
Client 2: And she has those ear things on her. You know that go around your neck?
MK: You mean a stethoscope?
Client: Yeah, one of those! She looks just like a doctor.

MK: Do you like your job?
Client 3: It's OK.
MK: Do you feel like you are making progress?
Client 3: I guess. But I think I want something more. Wiping old people's butts has left me totally uninspired. Ya know?

Single, childfree girl in an apartment always finishes last

Today my boss, W, brought in cupcakes to celebrate my S's purchase of a new home with her fiance. There was a card that got passed around for signature and everything. In a way, it is a nice example of how supportive the staff is of each other and the celebratory nature of everyone's accomplishments....

....if you consider buying a home an accomplishment. Do not think for one second, that Moxie is touched by this workplace display of commaderie. I'm not. I appreciate office birthday parties (to an extent) and moments when we pat ourselves on the back for a job well done (which in most cases is just doing your job period). However, sitting in the conference room today reminded me of yet another pet peeve I have with society; those occurences in life that we considered milestones, or benchmarks of success and happiness.

Home buying: Let's start with the relevant one. Purchasing a home is a big deal in the sense that you need to be financially saavy and have the consumer abilities to navigate treacherous markets. BUT, buying a home is completely a choice and no longer should it be viewed as part of the American Dream to attain one. In fact, there are arguments that say renting may not be as bad as we were all taught to believe.

Beliefs that owning a home is a signifier of a job well done in life is symbolic of a by-gone era that says women should stay at home and three kids is not enough to build a family. Home buying and the real estate industry suffers from HUGE discriminatory practices and is in terrible need of more government oversight.

Owning a home is yet another level of responsibility that requires angst over things like patio deck finish, snow blowers, annoying neighbors, asshole kids running amok over your perennials, many a Saturday spent in the garage, and internal debates over which Christmas wreath will look "perfect" on the door for the neighborhood holiday decorating contest.

Where the hell is my card that says, "Congratulations on making the rent yet another month. Good job on not fucking up someone else's property."?

Getting Married: This is another one. In fact, it's THE BIG ONE. Society has instilled in us - women especially - that marriage is THE beacon of success. Despite all the progress women have made towards personal and financial independence, the wedding industry is still a multi-billion dollar industry fueled by the hopes and dreams of being a princess and living happily ever after.

There is no need for me to wax unpoetically about the pains associated with weddings and brides...note how the word "marriage" is not used often. And again, I am forced to raise the question: Where is my shower with banners that says, "Congrats on having a great first date!" or "Congrats on avoiding marrying complete and total bastards!" or "Congrats on being in love with yourself!"

Just curious. I deserve a new microwave as much as anybody else. And the world is telling me that I have to date someone, fall in love with them, get engaged, and then - only then, can I essentially demand that my loved ones buy me shit for a house they can't live in, and stuff they will never use. Nice.

Having a baby: This is the other ultimate. Continuing the human race is cause for MUCH celebration. It's ironic because this is one of the easiest biological functions two people can carry out. Breathing and heart function can be harder to do. It has to be easy: think of all the people (including yourself) that weren't planned, or all the people you know that are 1 of 10 children. It has to be easy, because the things you do to avoid heart failure and lung diseases are complex and require self-control such as excercise, eating right, surgery, dieting, etc. The way you avoid pregnancy is not to have sex, take a pill once a day, or use a latex piece of material. Simple, right?

But, for some reason, we as humans find this simple, biological occurence to be akin to a miracle. And each little precious baby is a its parents. Somehow, though, many are forced to worship at a pink or blue alter for 9 months plus in awe of the product that resulted when mommy and daddy got drunk at TGI Friday's and forgot to use protection. This worship involves yet another shower that requires attendees to puchase shit for a child that is not theirs. Expensive shit. I personally like to bring condoms to baby showers because that seems to be the one thing that is missing. I would also bring alcohol because why make everyone suffer because you can harm your fetus with libations? Seriously.

I want a party every month where people bring me tampons and feminine hygiene wipes and cards that say, "Congratulations on using condoms!" or "Yay! For periods: one of the best ways to be assured that condom didn't break." or "Kudos for not having to remember that guy's name, because trying to figure out who the baby daddy is would be tough!" or "Congrats on one more month without stretch marks!" Menstration is one natural occurence that isn't celebrated enough.

Pregnant Moxie: Giving birth to justice. Search by mother's name: Moxie Lady
Married Moxie: Love is forever.
Moxie's House: Queen of the Castle.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Half-breed dragons

Here we go again: another white man made a stupid comment about Black people....on the radio. Rush (what kind of name is that really?) Limbaugh has made derogatory comments about Sen. Barack Obama. Using the music of "Puff the Magic Dragon", he plays a parody that refers to Obama as a "magic negro". When he is not singing about him, Rush is calling him a "halfrican-american". Moxie admits that is pretty funny, *sigh* but nevertheless, we cannot tolerate comments like that.

So, who wants to place a bet as to how long it will take Al and Co. to come out demanding Limbaugh's head?

The end of my social life as I know it...

From's Human Nature column:

More evidence that oral sex can cause throat cancer: A study indicates that oral sex with one to five partners in a lifetime doubles your risk of throat cancer, and oral sex with six or more partners triples your risk. To get the same risk elevation through vaginal sex, you'd need many more partners. Transmission vehicle: HPV. Other risk factors: infrequent use of condoms, poor dentition, infrequent toothbrushing, and heavy tobacco use. Researchers' conclusion: "The widespread oral sexual practices among adolescents may be a contributing factor" in "the annual increases in the incidence of tonsillar and base-of-tongue cancers in the United States since 1973." Skeptical view: The odds are still very low. (For a previous update on oral sex and mouth cancer, click here. For Human Nature's take on the HIV risks of oral vs. anal sex, click here.)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Abortion victory in I-land

An update on a previous entry: the girl battling in the courts for the right to have an abortion for her terminally ill fetus has won her case.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Penelope likes my eyebrows

I have to go to Columbus today, so I will not have time to thoroughly recount last night's get-together. But here it is in bits and pieces.

- Mardi Gras
- vegetarian image consultants
- brazen jewish women
- fishing
- the lame University Hospital logo
- paperback original
- Arkansas
- blogging (of course)
- careers (of course)
- tolerating Republican friends
- a pushy cab driver
- public transportation
- v-neck sweaters
- fighting problems from the root (why United Way sucks)
- loving/hating your job

OK, so I will flesh this out tomorrow. Off to the Co.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Finders Keepers...

So in a stunning international, imperialistic version of finders keepers, Germany is in a row with Egypt over the infamous bust of Nefertiti, the Egyptian pharoahess. The bust was uncovered in Egypt by Germans in like 19-whatever and they took it back to Berlin, where is sits in a museum.

Now Egypt is rehashing the "give it back" debate and German isn't hearing it. How funny is it that countries have to play this game. How funny is it that these white people have essentially stolen something that isn't theirs and has the audacity to feel as if they are right to possess it?

How much longer will African culture and history be stolen, bought and sold before its ours again? Perhaps the Egyptian government should consider establishing some sort of international finders fee....they'll get that as soon as African-Americans get their reparations.

Best conversation from this weekend

L, K, P and Moxie standing around bullshitting...

L: So, K, can I ask you a personal question?
- P: Oh god, she asked me a question last night that started with the same line.
- M: Here we go.
K: Sure hun, go ahead.
L: So, I it true that...were you married to a stripper before?
K: What, me? When I was a man? Somebody else asked me the same question just the other day!

Only in Moxie's world.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Funding Serious Change

Since Moxie is in the business of driving missions through fundraising, I found this commentary by a female philanthopist to be well-written and inspirational.

You better come, or I will kick your face in

Moxie is EXCITED because a woman of even greater Moxie caliber is coming to Cleveland for a pre-book tour tour. The Brazen Careerist will be at Artefino this Monday evening (May 7) at 6:30 to chat with people. That's right: just chat. Not sell her book, but connect with people. And people wonder why she is my personal e-guru.

Come meet her before she's super big time and chatting with Meredith V. and Matt L. on the Today show.

The world's dumbest country influenced by the dumbest people

So People released its "100 Most Influential People" list for this year. George W. Bush is not one of them. Ha.

But Cate Blanchett and Justin Timberlake are. Huh? Influencing what? John Mayer? Influential? Huh, what? Most importantly: Justin fucking Timberlake...influential? Yes, thank you for inspiring thousands into thinking white ex-boy band members can truly recreate themselves with the power of Black producers.

Try again.


Yay! We have a name for CYBT! And like most lesbians it is the most girliest name: Tiffany. Why do the tomboy, sporty, butch grrls have names associated with the captain of the cheer squad? LOL.

Thank you for the awesome advice. Moxie does have a bosom to clutch and will gladly channel Scarlett O'Hara and feign the most lady-like of gestures while pleading for privacy.

However, CYBT DOES NOT drink coffee and I am already questioning her coolness. Hot cocoa is good...but...

Some coffee shop...some day.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I wonder if she's going to ask me to the Sadie Hawkins dance

Moxie and Miss Fixx-It are enjoying the (very chaste) quality time that we have experienced over the past week. Today, Moxie was surprised with a beautiful arrangement of pink flowers. The sender? Miss Fixx-It. For a woman who owns her own table saw and thinks any tool that isn't made by Craftsman is a piece of shit, she sure knows how to make a girl feel like a lady.

Classy move. And we still haven't kissed....I mean....I have kissed her cheek and her forehead. I also gave her a perfunctory kiss on the lips, but that was a mistake because she was going for my cheek. So it is cute to see that a girl can get flowers without putting out.

The ladies at the office want to know all about the flowers and the "guy" who sent them. Moxie is welcoming comments from readers as to what I should say when I can no longer avoid the question.

You'd think all the beer would kill fetuses

So a 17-year old woman is duking it out with Ireland's high courts for the right to travel to the UK to get an abortion. The woman is under the care of the country's national health service, but they issued a court order blocking her from leaving the country. Even though she has the support of her mother and the father.

The woman is seeking an abortion because the fetus she is carrying has anencephaly, which is a condition where a portion of the baby's brain and skull are missing. Babies born with this condition die within three days of birth. Because abortion is illegal in Ireland except in cases of mother's health or threat of suicide, many Irish women go to England to get abortions. However, she is being blocked by the health service and her case is now being tried in the courts.

For a country of people who drink beer like its water, I'm surprised the number of birth defects isn't higher. Irish officials are certainly acting like they survived anencephaly because they are definitely missing parts of their head in this case.

At least your biological mommy isn't Satan

In an effort to expand the terms, "pro-life" and "pro-family", Focus on the Family has initiated a campaign to promote foster parenting and adopting among Christians. The plan is called "Orphan Initiative" and of course, has roots in the Bible.

Being the balanced person she is, Moxie is initially pleased and surprised with FOF's plan to practice what they preach.

Then she thinks that this is some grandiose conspiracy to perpetuate their philosophies for generations to come. Now all the poor faggy and nigger babies that God saved from being aborted, but didn't love enough to have a family, can now find a safe home in Christian homes across the nation.

Thanks, FOF.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Can't help but love her...

Even though she is of the trailer trash variety, slightly Republican, possibly anti-everything I stand for and an idiot when it comes to selecting a mate, I am so there...front row...for Britney's big comeback. Let the games begin.

We are graduates of the same high school...can't you tell?

Referring to the negotiations on the war-spending bill, Republican Sen. George Voinovich tells the Post that "some kind of compromise has to be worked out. … That's how it's done. Everybody holds their nose and maybe a couple of times vomits, but you get it done."

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Only a white person can be so lucky after a coke bust

So cocaine has been good to Kate Moss. She's in practically every ad campaign for every designer. She made quite the comeback and it was all after her public fall out with the sinful snow.

Now she is also a hot designer.

Amazing what coke does to someone like Whitney Houston...oh wait, she's Black.

HRC's new poster child

The head of BP resigned today over some drama with the press about his private life. Hookers, you ask? Drugs? No. He loved another man for four years. (And that man was Canadian, but that is a different problem.)

So he resigned just a few months before his intended resignation. And because of that, he stands to lose what converts to $7,000,000 in a "resignation package".

So yeah, this man, head of one of the most powerful corporations in the world is gay. And now he is unemployed.

Dropping it like its hot can be dangerous for women's safety

So in Guinea, men think it is acceptable and in good defense of Muslim tradition to rape women who dance provacatively. Some new craze around a traditional dance called, Wolosso, which involves a ton of video ho booty shaking is growing bothersome to fundamentalists, conservatives and asshole men.

There have been an influx of reports from women that say they have been attacked at dance parties and concerts.

Nice. I'm just glad that the sanctity of the Muslim religion is still in tact.

William who?

Prince Harry is officially hotter than his big brother now. Maybe it's the uniform and the sad sexiness of being sent off to war. So far, April experienced the highest death toll for American troops with 112 fatalities. Britain had a high with....11. Let's hope Harry doesn't make it 12. The Queen can only handle so much.

5/16/07 - And now he's not going. Back to be second hottest son.

Yet another reason Republicans are evil

So Republicans in the US House are backing efforts to make Puerto Rico the 51st state of the Union. Try again. Pro-statehood Ricans argue that the island's current commonwealth status perpetuates the evil imperialism that landed Puerto Rico in its current situation today.

Pro-commonwealth people argue against it and can be seen aligning themselves with Democrats. Then there's the "Green Party" of this whole mess who argues that Puerto Rico should be independent of the U.S. If they got their way, we'd all need passports the next time we go. Blah.

Like I said before: remaking our national flag would be a pain in the ass and that sheer laziness alone should be the catalyst to....remain the same.