Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Unity Interrupted

I'm not particularly excited or impressed about the upcoming rally featuring both Senators Obama and Clinton. What I do find interesting is the little town in New Hampshire where it's scheduled to take place. Unity, New Hampshire has a population of less than 2,000 people and the rally is expected to bring at least 2,500 visitors. It's one of those towns that amazingly still exists that has a general store and one post office.

The town's peaceful existence is going to be disrupted when a shitload of visitors descend upon the town for this rally. The interruption of mundane existence is off the scale and quite frankly, very unsettling.

Things I would be worried about if I lived in Unity, New Hampshire:

1. Where is everyone going to park? Will this affect my parking place/driveway?
2. Bathroom availability. Port-a-potties?
3. Trash? Will there be recycling of some sort? How will this influx of garbage affect our public sanitation system?
4. Can the local eateries handle the vegan/vegetarian requests of the almost certain neoliberal hippie visitors?
5. Will these people all speak English?
6. Should we make some sort of welcome banner?

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